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What's Your eBay Reputation Really Worth?

reputation managementSimply put, your eBay reputation is worth all you are on eBay. Without a reputation, there’s pretty much nothing you can do as a seller. Each sale you complete counts towards your reputation.

Look at it this way: if you were buying an item from an eBay seller with a low feedback rating, you’d be very skeptical and be as cautious as possible; on the other hand, if you were buying from a seller with an impressive feedback score, you’d find it easier to complete the transaction. That’s how reputation works.

Poor Reputation Leads to Low Sales

EBay is a simple market place but can be intricate too. A bad reputation can ruin your whole business because it leads to a slump is sales. A negative feedback spells instant doom because the rating will be at the top of your home page right away. So every buyer who comes around will immediately get second thoughts about you. Feedback comments like ‘purchase took longer than stated delivery time’ or ‘item was defective’ will send buyers away.

One way out of this is to sell a couple of low cost items so you accumulate some positive feedback again to push the negative one further down. It may take you weeks selling cheap stuff before you make up for the negative feedback.

It can even be worse if you receive negative feedback consistently. The moment your positive feedback goes below 90 percent, you literally become obscure.

A New Account Is No Solution

new account on ebay sellerEBay permits only one account per user. So if you decide to close the current account and open a new one with a different email address and user ID, all information attached to the old account is lost. So a new account means you’ll be starting again from zero.

You’ll be restricted on the eBay features you can use. The customers you had will all be gone since they won’t be able to find you, and when you start selling again, most of your auctions will close at lower prices as your rating will be low. Basically, creating a ebay new account is an uphill task and you’ll want to avoid it as much as you can.

Good Reputation Equals More Sales

On eBay, good reputation is directly proportional to sales. The reason for this is that buyers find it extremely easy to trust sellers with good reputation. When they describe an item, there’s really no reason to doubt them because you know they wouldn’t risk their reputation.

Moreover, some buyers would rather pay extra for an item when buying from a PowerSeller than buy it cheaper from a seller whose reputation is mediocre. When it comes to building sales, nothing beats trust, and that’s basically good reputation. Everything else will become easier.

Ensure that your customers are always pleased. It’s not easy because there are some buyers that really make it hard. However, whenever you think of reacting angrily to such buyers, remember it’s you who will always lose.

So build good reputation on eBay and work to retain it.

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