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Tips for Managing Multiple eBay Auctions

how to manage multiple ebay accountsIf you’re the type of seller who usually has several auctions running concurrently, you probably understand the challenges of keeping up with them. Fortunately, there are a few things that can help reduce the burden for you.

1. Make use of My eBay

Don’t just depend on emails to get a summary of the current status of your auctions. You can also get a general overview of your auctions’ statuses when under ‘My eBay’. Here, your auctions will be displayed in table format and there are features for sorting as well. For instance, you can sort by number of auctions that haven’t received any bids at a particular time, total number of bids or the price.

Most importantly, ‘My eBay’ provides a summarized view of your auctions under the ‘Summary’ view. Whatever action you need to take next will be listed here, so if you’re not sure of the next step to take, simply check out the ‘Summary’ view.

2. Make use of Selling Manager

Selling Manager is essentially the advanced version of the ‘My eBay’ Selling view, but it’s not free to use. You have to part with $4.99 per month to use the service. Selling Manager provides better customization features that allow you to view the most critical details, view handy snapshots of how things are evolving, send out automated emails to potential buyers, among other functions.

If you want even more tools and functions, there’s Selling Manager Pro. With this service, your inventory can be tracked for you and you can also do bulk re-listing. Further, you will get a profit and loss report every month for a wider perspective. The downside is that you have to part with $15.99 in monthly subscriptions, so you really have to weight your options before you decide to use this service.

3. Employ a listing software program

using a software to help you manage your ebay auctionsThere are dozens of software applications that can help you manage many of the tasks you have to do after listing an item, in fact, they are not really listing tools although that’s what they are usually called.

Most of these programs have the same functionalities as Selling Manager and even more. One benefit with a listing tool is that it is not run online via a website but a standalone application. This means they have faster response times and can easily carry out more complex analysis.

4. Hire a person to list for you your items

It’s interesting that a lot of sellers never consider hiring someone to list your items for you, especially if the items you’re listing are many and somewhat expensive. You probably couldn’t run a store full-time all by yourself; you would hire staff to help you out.

Likewise, you will want to hire someone to help with your auction listings, and if your business is already well established with full-time employees, consider passing over some eBay tasks to them. The time you free up for yourself can be better utilized building other aspects of your business.

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