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Few Simple Steps to Posting Your First eBay Auction

step by step guide to posting on ebayYou’ve heard numerous stories about the rags to riches eBay success stories and now you want to get in on the action. It is surprisingly easy to get going posting your first eBay auction.

Here are a few simple steps to setting up your first auction on the online shopping giant website.

First: Set up an eBay seller’s account

If you’ve ever purchased items from eBay, then you already have an eBay account; now you’re only left with creating a specific seller’s account.

Log in to your eBay account and click on ‘Sell’ in the members’ area, and then click on ‘Create seller’s account’. If you’re completely new to eBay, you would need to first sign up as a new user.

You will be taken through the registration process step-by-step and it should be complete within a few minutes. Verification is needed for security reasons, usually by linking a credit card or providing bank information.

Second: Identify items to sell

When you’re just trying out your first sale, it doesn’t really matter what item you sell. The point is to take a peek at what the eBay market place looks like. For sure, there’s at least a thing or two in your house that you’re not that attached to and you could put them up for sale. Ideal items you should consider include old books, music CDs or movies.

Third: List your items for sale on eBay

ebay sale productsBy simply clicking on ‘Sell’, you’ll be on your way to posting your first eBay auction.

The first thing you need to do is to select a category: you can just key in the item name and eBay will determine a suitable category for it. Then after, create a title and description. The title box should have the keyword that you think potential buyers will use when searching for the item, and the description box should have all important details about the item.

This is also the point where you set the starting price. Ideally, set a low starting price because it attracts more bids. The next thing to set is the duration of the auction and it’s up to you how long you want it to run. The longer the auction, the more the bids but longer auctions seem not to close. You can include a photo at this stage too.

And finally, state the payment methods you accept (PayPal is like the default and the easiest). Indicate the places you can ship to – it’s better to restrict yourself to your country or region when starting out. Post your auction and that’s it.

Forth: Wait for item to sell

There’s really not a lot you can do here than just sitting back and letting eBay take care of events. Potential buyers will find your item and bid on it. Some may send you email asking for more details and you should try to respond to their queries as fast as possible.

Remember you can re-list your item free of charge if it doesn’t sell.

Fifth: Collect your Payment and ship item

Before you ship out any item on eBay, make sure you’ve received the payment. EBay will send customer’s address and details in a confirmation email. Put this clearly on the parcel containing item and take to the post office and you’re done!

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