Successful Online Selling

Building Credibility As An eBay Seller

generate trust on ebayEvery online seller (not only on eBay) knows the importance of credibility. When you’re a credible seller, you will pass on that assurance to potential customers.

When you’re a seller on eBay, one of the most important attributes of your eBay account is your feedback.

A potential buyer uses your feedback score to gauge your level of credibility. The good thing is that it is not the only way you can project yourself as a credible, trustworthy seller.

Here are some ways you can work on your reputation:

• Give customers a money back guarantee: initially, this comes off as a big risk to many sellers but reality is that majority of buyers will not ask for a refund even if they don’t like the purchase, according to various studies.

• Offer unannounced bonuses: one of the best feedback you can get is that which reads that they received free a bonus. Just make sure the bonus is relevant to the sold product, for instance, if you sell a garden tool, include a free guide on how to maintain garden tools.

It is also important to attach a value to the free bonus, in which case, for instance, you would inform the buyer that you’re attaching a $15 bonus.

• If customers raise queries, reply to them promptly. Generally, make sure you are easily accessible and available. If potential buyers cannot contact you when the auction is running, then they are likely not to trust you enough to place a bid on your item.

creating trust with your consumers• If feedback has been left for you, reply to it as soon as possible. You should thank buyers for having confidence in you and make it clear to them that they are valued customers. In turn, they get the impression that you’re serious about your eBay business and are willing to meet their expectations.

• Aim at achieving PowerSeller status: EBay’s PowerSeller status is the epitome of credibility. It embodies the attributes of the most consistent and trusted sellers on eBay. There are criteria that you must meet to achieve that status – usually several ratings for sales volume, feedback and account status – for the different tiers.

If you’re a new eBay seller, it can be a bit harder for you to close a sale when your feedback score is zero. Do these things to build feedback, hence credibility:

• Start off by selling cheap items. You want to be looking at products that don’t go above $20. The logic is that buyers are more likely to risk buying from a new seller if an item is $5, whereas they are not likely to risk on a $100 item listed by a newbie.

• You can also generate positive feedback by buying about 10-15 cheap items and paying promptly. While eBay’s feedback system differentiates between buying and selling feedback, many buyers simply look at the overall score without digging for specifics.

Overall, whether you’re a new or veteran seller, one thing you want to avoid is receiving any kind of negative feedback. If your score is less than 50, buyers are likely to shun you unless you have 100 percent positive rating.



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