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A Beginner's Guide to Selling on eBay - 10 Tips for Success

beginners guide to selling on ebayHow do you start selling on eBay? You’ve been buying things on the auction site for some time   but now you think that you can sell your own products too.

To start selling on eBay, you need to first sign up as a seller – basically you supply the information requested for and a payment method, usually a credit card number or PayPal email.

Once you’re done signing up, you’re now ready to list your items and sell.

However, listing items doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get bidders, let alone close a sale. There’s much more to selling on eBay than simply listing items.

The following are some tips that can help increase your chances selling and increase your profits:

1. Make your titles authoritative and on point. Your title is limited to a certain number of characters but you can make the most of that. Choose your words wisely and make sure you describe your item sufficiently. Words you want to avoid include ‘must see’ and ‘look’, and similar words.

2. Select your listing category carefully. Since there’s a multitude of different categories to choose from, this can be particularly hard to determine. You can choose a second category if you feel that your product fits in more than one. However, this also translates into extra fees so beware.

3. In any auction listing, a picture can be all that determines whether a bidder buys or not, so you need to include at least one picture for every item. If an item is priced highly, it definitely needs more than one picture. Put up good quality pictures because that’s the only way potential customers probe your items.

4. Use the description box to include every important detail about the item. If the item has flaws, include them. Imagine you were the customer looking for a similar item, what would you look for? Include those keywords in the description.

5. Start the bidding at the lowest price you could accept for the item. If you can sell the item t a few dollars above the starting price, you should probably use a ‘Buy It Now’.

6. Cleverly choose your listing time. It is generally accepted by many sellers on eBay that there tends to be a high amount of traffic over the weekend – Friday, Saturday and Sunday – so have that in mind when deciding the best time to close your auctions.

7. Give prompt responses to your potential customers’ queries. It could be an inquiry about a particular feature on an item, or simply additional pictures. Just be ready to supply that information.

8. Maintain contact with your buyer after the auction ends. You will get email notifications of the highest bidder and how much the item sold for. Until all transaction details are through, maintain the communication lines open.

9. Make sure that the items are shipped on time by the stated means. Notify the buyer by email that their purchase is on its way.

10. Provide a list of options for payment methods. PayPal is almost like default but not everyone has it. If you’re planning to sell on a lot of items on eBay, consider having several options.

Selling on eBay can be hugely profitable for someone who is very entrepreneur and organized. Use every means possible to maximize profits, starting with these tips.


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