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8 Tips to becoming a Powerseller in 90 Days or Less

how to become an ebay power sellerThere are millions of sellers on eBay. Some do it for a hobby, or to recycle things they no longer want, and then there are the professionals.

These are people who make their living on eBay, selling hundreds, maybe thousands of items a month. eBay rewards professional sellers who hit certain sales and feedback targets by making them Powersellers.

Powersellers get a range of benefits, including discounted fees, better support from eBay, and even discounted rates from shipping companies.

Best of all, they get the PowerSeller badge next to their name which buyers find irresistible!

You have to be invited by eBay to become a Powerseller and, not so long ago, the sales target you had to hit made it quite difficult for any but the largest sellers on eBay to achieve Powerseller status.

However, recently eBay has reduced the turnover targets you need to meet in order to become a basic Powerseller.

eBay wants to make sure that all members have a good experience on eBay, so they reward those sellers who provide good customer service.

They realized that there were a lot of sellers who, even though they were selling smaller volumes, were still giving great service.

So, they lowered the requirements of the Powerseller program, so these low-volume sellers could benefit as well.

There are several levels in the Powerseller program, with better fee discounts and support as you progress through the ranks.

The basic level is Bronze, and to achieve this you need to have: been on eBay for 90 days, your eBay account up to date and be PayPal verified.

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A minimum turnover of $3000 and 100 transactions, a minimum feedback score of 100 with greater than 98% positive, average Detailed Seller Ratings of 4.6 or more and less than 3 bad DSRs

The requirements are quite specific, but if you are focused on becoming a Powerseller, with a bit of organization and effort, you can achieve it. Here are 8 tips to becoming an eBay powerseller in just 90 days.

Start small - If you're focused on hitting your turnover targets, it's probably going to be easier to sell lots of lower priced items.

Of course, you will turnover more money if you sell expensive items, but it will be harder to find customers and hit your volume targets.

Cheap items like books, CDs, and mobile phone accessories are all easy to find, and always sell well.

Plan ahead - You want to get your Powerseller status as soon as possible, so you need to hit your targets in the first three months.

That means you need to know where your stock is coming from. You should have, or be able to source, at least 100 items that are going to sell, and turnover $3000.

Quality listings - You need to sell quite a few items in a short space of time, but don't be tempted to just throw any old listing up, because it's quick and easy.

You are doing this to build a business, plus you want to make sure your items sell for the best price. Make sure you create good a listing for each item, following all the basic listing rules.

You can use Turbo Lister if you want to make it more efficient, and even create listing templates, to start building your brand.

Fast and safe shipping - Once your item sells, try and get it shipped to the customer as soon as possible. If your turnaround time says 2 days, try and do it in 1.

Make sure it's securely and professionally packaged, and you get the appropriate tracking information to give to the customer.

This way, you will have to spend less time sorting out missing or damaged shipments, and your customer will be impressed by the service.

Customer service - To become a Powerseller, you're going to need to get good feedback from your customers.

Providing good customer service throughout the whole process should ensure that your customers are more than happy to give you positive feedback, as well as buy from you again.

Encourage feedback - Even when you do provide a good service, some people simply forget to give you the feedback you need, and deserve. Here is a tip to help you improve seller ratings.

Don't be afraid to ask your customers to leave feedback. An e-mail after the sale, to check the customer is happy, is a great way to remind them.

Try to encourage them to complete a Detailed Seller Rating (DSR) whenever possible, as you're going to need them.

You might even consider offering free gifts as a reward for completing a DSR - e-mailing an ebook on your market takes no time at all once the buyer has left their feedback.

Repeat buyers - It's harder to go out and find a new customer, than it is to get an existing customer to buy from you again.

Make sure you set up your Item Promotion options on your My eBay page, and encourage sellers to add you as a Favorite Seller.

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You could send them a regular newsletter and details of new products, to help generate repeat sales.

Finally - The Powerseller scheme is there to reward professional sellers who give good service.

So, as well as hitting your turnover and feedback targets, the best bit of advice is to always provide great products, at great prices, with great service.

Your items will sell, your customers will be happy, and you will make money.

Becoming a Powerseller in 90 days is achievable, but it's just the start of building your eBay business and reputation.

Recently, eBay has removed the Powerseller logos from the search results and listings, so whilst eBay acknowledges you as a Powerseller, there's nothing to tell the customer.

Instead, they have created the Top Rated Seller award, with a logo that goes on your listings.

This is to reward the very best sellers in terms of customer service, and buyers are more likely to buy from sellers with this new logo on their listing, so getting it can significantly improve your sales.

Even Bronze level Powersellers can achieve Top Rated Seller status, so once you've become a Powerseller, the nest step is to become a Top Rated seller.

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