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7 Defining Differences Between eBay Power Sellers and eBay Strugglers

difference between ebay power sellers and strugglersThe concept of eBay sounds simple enough. List something for sale and people who like the product bid on it or purchase it.

That was the original intent of eBay but it has grown into a monster source of information, products, and business opportunities.

If you are trying to be part of the fortunate crowd who has made a business out of eBay or learning how to sell on eBay for beginners, you need to know the steps to take.

There are 7 differences that clearly stand out amongst the eBay PowerSellers and the eBay strugglers.

1. eBay PowerSellers know their competition. When people who are serious about their income potential on eBay list any product or service at all, they know the price points of their competition not only on eBay but also on all sites that offer something similar.

When you are overly priced on eBay your chances of receiving ongoing success are slim. You may get the occasional sale but you will not get repeat sales from customers.

2. A powerful sales page or product description really make certain providers stand apart from their competition on eBay.

It is important that your sales page or product description is easy to read, uses proper grammar, and clearly shows why you are the clear choice to purchase from. Without this type of accuracy and call to action you will not be taken as seriously as your competitors.

3. Delivering what you promise and guarantee to your buyers will help you reach your business goals on eBay. There are ratings and review sections on eBay for everybody that is a part of the system.

If you are being careless and dropping the ball on your buyers they will voice themselves. The result will be negative feedback and less opportunity to earn money from eBay.

4. The strugglers on eBay do not keep good records. PowerSellers know that if somebody has purchased from them one time there is a decent chance they will again.

Keeping records of your clients, what they've purchased, and their contact information can keep you in their minds. Since the transactions are completed online you need to find creative ways to suggest upgrades and products of interest to your prospects.

5. When upgrades and updates occur on eBay PowerSellers keep track of those and learn them fast. A successful eBay seller will always know what is going on with the site and how to use all the site tools to their advantage for making more sales.

Strugglers put those important details on the back burner and tell themselves that they'll get it later. Guess what? They seldom get to it at all.

6. Any person who wants to be a PowerSeller on eBay will make sure that they are checking for messages often.

It is important to be quick to respond and let prospective buyers know that their messages are important to you and deserve fairly quick response.

If you know that your time management only allows you to check messages twice a day on eBay make sure you let people know that you will respond within 12 hours to their inquiry.

7. An eBay PowerSeller will treat their endeavor like a business. They will devote time and attention. They will have a quality presence and presentation.

Those that are using eBay for a hobby or are struggling to get by will not typically take the care that is required to really have a dynamic first impression from their listing.

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