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10 Great eBay Store Tips

tips and tricks to ebay successYour eBay store should be your shining glory. The presentation, layout, design, and information you offer should be exceptional. Head over here if you have yet to start one and want to know how to open an eBay store.

It is your first impression to potential buyers.You need to make sure that people want to purchase from you and now and in the future.

How do you do that? You need to take your eBay store from good to great and make selling on eBay a breeze. Here are some tips for you that are simple to follow, and make it easier to get the profitable results you want.

1. Organize your categories. If you have multiple items that fall into the same category keep them by each other. This will make it easier for buyers to cross reference other items you're selling that they may want.

Plus, it will be considerably easier for you to manage your categories.

2. If you are a smaller sized eBay store do not have items that are all across the board. The more similar or related your items are the more you increase your chances of people purchasing more than one item at a time from you.

3. Have an appealing layout to your store. There are standard templates that you can use and those do have a proven history of being visually appealing to buyers. Lighter backgrounds are easier on people's eyes and make items stand out more clearly.

4. Make sure that your photography is of good quality. If you are taking pictures yourself make sure that you have a high quality digital camera, good lighting, and a neutral background. For example, don't set your set of plates on the couch and take a picture.

You want your store to be professional. If you use a wholesaler see if they have professional photos you can use. This will save you a lot of time and will make your store seem ultra professional.

5. Make interesting product descriptions and sales pages. Everything should be grammatically correct, accurate, and descriptive.

That will give prospective buyers an opportunity to learn about the product and visualize it more clearly. This goes a long way in helping buyers make a decision.

6. Keep your store current and updated. If you no longer have a product make sure that you remove it. Do not put products up before you have them either.

7. Talk about you, your goal, and what you love about having an eBay store. People like to identify with entrepreneurs and learn about them. It makes the transaction more personable even though it is online. This is where you can make full use of eBay's about me page.

8. Put positive feedback and testimonials on your eBay store. People looking at your store will be pleased to see that you are reputable and people have enjoyed their experiences buying from you. Testimonial is a powerful tool that is not used nearly enough when it comes to selling.

9. Clearly state your shipping costs. If you really want to be a hero consider the prepaid postage boxes from the US post office. As long as your items do not weigh over 70 pounds and they fit into the box it is a flat rate.

People will appreciate flat rate shipping. You may be concerned about not earning a bit of income off of shipping but you will most likely encourage people to purchase more so you still win.

10. Make sure you have a merchant account. Merchant accounts open up the possibility for immediate sales because you can take credit card transactions in a secure manner.

It is difficult to get people back to your store to purchase. It is much easier to inspire them to purchase right away.

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