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eBay Traffic Formula

ebay traffic formulaAnyone running an online business definitely needs as much traffic as they can get at cheaper costs. Unfortunately, many people let an amazing online marketing tool pass, which is in fact already bookmarked in most browsers – eBay.

The ‘Me’ page on eBay is the first step to achieving free traffic. It is some kind of profile page format that represents your eBay ID.

How exactly does the feature work?

Basically, visitors to your page will see the ‘Me’ icon when they view your auctions, which is a link to your ‘Me’ page. Perhaps worth noting is that this page can link to your website. To fully understand this, we shall use an example.

Take for instance a website that sells a tutorial on how to make money as a freelance writer, and you want to get as much traffic as possible from eBay. One of the best ways you could go about this is to make a report on that particular subject that you can then market of eBay. The report should have all the relevant information, but should also be your product’s pre-sell engine.

Ideally, the report should be something to pull potential customers through a free offer, or at most by selling it at a very small price. There will only be two things left now: a very alluring auction advert and an equally eye-catching ‘Me’ page that attracts visitors back to your website.

Your auction will now be ready to be opened. The specific auction that’s going to be created has to be a Featured Plus auction, meaning that it will appear at the top of the auction listings before the regular auctions, which are non-featured.

The auction should preferably be a Dutch auction, which will allow you to sell numerous items using the same auction. Fees for a Featured auction total up to $26 for the auction and posting, thus, you will typically incur costs of about $26 to sell a low-cost report.

There are simply a number of factors that determine the outcome of figures but let’s consider a online selling tips to maximize your profits.

You can get anywhere between 100 and 300 visitors if your auction has a captivating title. There are lots of tips for eBay listings so look them up and make good use of them. Some auctions can garner up to 1500 visitors. If, for instance, your auction gets 150 visitors and out of those, 20 percent will proceed to your website through your ‘Me’ page, which equates to 30 visits.

Out of those 150 visits, you’ll earn a number of sales for your report. Depending on how good your auction copy is, it’s not rare to get up to 20 percent sales, notably at the range of 99 cents, which comes to about 30 purchases.

Let’s take sales of 15 percent, which will come to 22 sales when rounded up. Tallying up everything, costs of the auction will be $26 and you earned $22 on your report sales, plus 30 website visitors. Working up the figures, you’ll have paid 13 cents per visitor (26 – 22/30).

In addition, there are 22 real potential customers holding on to your report. Can it get greener than this? The answer is an emphatic yes. These figures are a bit conservative but the fact is with some tweaks and practice, you can drive loads of traffic to your website and make a lot of money.

Although people’s situations vary, and this example does not universally apply to every scenario, you can certainly apply it to some extent.

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