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eBay Store Referral Credit

getting referral credits on ebayThe eBay Store Referral Credit program was an excellent way for vendors to reduce their eBay selling fees.

Unfortunately, a lot of vendors didn’t have an idea how it worked. Most used to think that it was an automatic process but that was far from the truth. Unfortunately, the store referral program was discontinued by eBay as of March 2010.

In this article, we’ll discuss what the eBay Store Referral Credit program was, how vendors benefited from it and perhaps lessons that can be drawn from it.

What was the eBay Store Referral Credit all about?

If a buyer purchased an item from your store through a link outside eBay, you would receive a 75 percent credit on the final value fees for that product. Your monthly statement would include a debit of the full price, and a credit of the 75 percent.

And since vendors could do little to influence shipping fees and other costs involved in getting the product to the buyer, this program offered one way to greatly reduce eBay fees.

What were the Requirements?

As you would expect, eBay’s fee credit offers were never going to come on a silver platter. There were a series of fine print tied to the program. The following was the criteria that a purchase had to meet:

• The buyer could not be from eBay, that is, would not be anywhere in the URL of the page from which they linked.

• The buyer had to go straight to your store, or the About Me page, a particular category page in your store, your internal search page, a page displaying search results within your store, or a page you’ve created within your store.

advertising on ebay• The buyer had to access your store through in the following ways:

• By clicking on a link to one of the recognized pages displayed through an email link.

• Typing your store’s URL into their web browser.

• Clicking on a bookmarked page of your store that was in their Internet favorites items.

• The browser that the buyer used had to be enabled for cookies.

• The buyer had to make a purchase in the same web session. If the buyer closed the browser window and returned after some time from a source that didn’t qualify (for instance by searching for the item on eBay or for your store) and made a purchase, you wouldn’t get the credit.

• The purchase had to be from the store inventory. While online auctions as well as fixed price listings would both be displayed in your store, neither of these formats would be eligible for referral credit.

• The referral code had to be included in the URL link.

The page within your store that you sent to buyers would determine the referral code format you would have to use.

More importantly, you wouldn’t be able to use both the referral program and the affiliate program on the same link and get payments from both. You would have to choose only one you deemed more advantageous.

The referral program was discontinued but there are other affiliate programs you can benefit from. Many eBay forums contain the most up-to-date information on seller programs.

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