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eBay Hot Selling Products May Not Always Be Profitable

ebay hot selling productIt’s not uncommon to find many sellers, especially new sellers, looking for hot products to sell on eBay. Experienced eBay sellers normally take a cautious approach when it comes to hot selling products.

There are various problems that come with selling ‘hot’ products but all generally boil down to fierce competition that makes it hard for small sellers to survive.

If a product is hot selling, it will attract large professional sellers who purchase their stock in container loads. This makes it hard for small sellers to compete favorably.

Let’s examine some pitfalls associated with hot selling products.

Whether you’re a new seller looking for items to sell, or a veteran seller looking to diversify your product range, Hot Lists are normally the default place to begin. Note that ‘begin’ is the keyword here, not end.

The truth is you cannot base a product sourcing decision solely on what is hot and what is not. It’s just like playing with fire – you’ll probably get burned.

More About Hot Lists

Hot Lists are created based on averages. What this means is that while a number of products will sell above the average, a good number will sell below the average too.

The eBay Pulse page contains different types of hot lists which show a host of popular searches, products, stores, etc. Lists are a good place to see what is selling hot at the eBay marketplace.

top seller in ebay productsYou can use eBay categories to do a search. The different lists displayed on the main Pulse page give an overview of the whole marketplace scene at eBay. The drop down menu on the top of the page can help you to refine and filter the items on the lists to display products for specific categories.

The lists of popular searches on the Pulse page give an idea of what people are searching for on eBay based on popular keyword phrases being typed during searches.

You’ll also find a list of the most watched items on eBay, which is based on the number of users who used the ‘Watch This Item’ feature on the listing page.

Do you now have a picture of what we’re trying to get at? It’s clear that this information is helpful but there’s no denying its vagueness. Thus, it wouldn’t be wise to use it to make a decision on which product to sell.

Hot Lists are a Good Starting Point

You shouldn’t avoid hot lists though. However, use them only as a starting point when you’re looking for new items to sell, rather than an ending point.

In fact, hot lists are a good place to do your research. For instance, the eBay pulse page can provide you with the top 10 most searched for keyword phrases relating to a category of your choice. In addition, you’ll also see a list of active listings in this particular category and a number of the most wanted items, still in the same category.

You can use this information to come up with your own list of the brand names that keep showing up. Using this information, you will then be able to determine whether that category will be profitable for you or not.

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