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Tips to Achieve Powerseller Status in eBay

getting the power seller status in ebayEBay has close to 200 million members and is definitely one of the most visible websites around. It is also the biggest and most profitable auction sites.

Of all the sellers on there, only 4 percent are designated as ‘PowerSeller’. Achieving and maintaining PowerSeller status takes a combination of factors but most importantly, diligence and a proven record of successful sales.

At the most basic of levels, achieving PowerSeller status is nothing more than meeting eBay’s minimum requirements for PowerSeller, and the same goes for maintaining it. EBay offers a range of discounts and benefits to PowerSellers – like special access to certain places – so many sellers consider achieving PowerSeller as a very important achievement.

The truth is there is a lot more to achieving PowerSeller status than meeting eBay requirements. Here are some tips on how to achieve this feat:

1. Understand PowerSeller requirements

• Acquaint yourself with eBay’s guidelines on achieving PowerSeller status. Unlike most other policies that often change, PowerSeller rules have been fairly constant for some time. So, go to the ‘Selling Resources’ section under ‘Seller Information Center’ and read and grasp those requirements.

• In the same regard, you need to familiarize yourself with the different PowerSeller tiers. There are six tiers with Bronze as the lowest and Diamond the highest and, each tier carries its own set of benefits. Tiers are classified according to sales volume in a given period, usually monthly.

2. Build good practices

increased status in ebay• You should have impeccable customer service. All power sellers have excelled in this aspect. Note that your feedback score on eBay is the key determinant of your reputation.

• Communicate with your customers and maintain the connection. Even if there’s a problem, a customer is less likely to raise a complaint if you’ve been actively communicating.

• Focus on a single niche. This not only makes you become a trusted ‘expert’ on that particular product but also makes listing, packing and shipping much easier.

• Be organized. As your sales volumes grow, plan to be more organized. It is extremely important to create some kind of workflow because it minimizes  the chances of breaching on-time shipping policies.

• Keep proper records of your auctions for tax purposes,  shipping receipts, plus a list of all your buyers and their addresses. Balance your books regularly too.

3. Create listings that are professional

• Your photographs should look professional. Ensure that your photographs show all the details, including any flaws. Remember, in case of a dispute, your photographs are considered part of your listing. Make the photos as big as possible as the fees remain the same, irrespective of size.

• Keep ahead of competition by adding visuals – voice and video. A simple webcam can help to build trust and rapport. Video also helps you to highlight those details you want potential buyers to see but would be overlooked in a still photograph.

• Target peak periods to make your listings. You can schedule your listings for any start time just for ten cents. Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings are generally regarded as peak buying times. Keep in mind that your customer’s peak buying time may be different.

You can take it further by advertizing, hiring assistants to speed up your work and may be using ‘Dutch auctions’.

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