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Sniping Bargains On EBay

sniping on ebaySniping on eBay generally means bidding very late on an auction listing just as its closing time approaches. A lot of savvy shoppers have used this technique to get great bargains on items they buy on eBay.

And while the practice is generally discouraged (and in fact an offense on the auction website), it is very difficult to keep track of, let alone act upon by the eBay administrators. So, for the big part, snipping has occurred on eBay and still does occur on a daily basis.

Although sniping is discouraged by eBay, it doesn’t really hurt any player in the eBay sales chain, save for some disgruntled earl bidders. Thus, ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’, says a common adage. There’s no better way to beat snipers than becoming one yourself.

So, to become a good sniper and win eBay auctions at bargain prices, start by learning the tips and tricks that snipers use to win on eBay.

The Manual Sniping Method

Its takes nothing more than a little extra time and astute bidding to win bargain auctions using the manual sniping method. Having a reliable internet connection is also vital, as is spending more time on the auction site.

To get started with your sniping, simply note down the auction ending time for each auction listing you’re interested in, and ensure you’re monitoring those auctions as they near their ending hour. This is why you need a bit of spare time to watch the bidding progress on the auctions you’ve set your sights on.

If you’ve already placed a compelling bid and someone outbids you, you can again outbid them at the very last hour. If no one outbids you and you’re able to defend your bid, you win the auction at a bargain.

Note that you need to set a high bid for the maximum amount you can bid, in case you’re using the manual sniping method. Otherwise, someone using automatic bidding will easily outbid you and win the auction from you. In fact, you’ll quickly realize that you cannot outbid a buyer who’s using an automated bidding service, and if you can’t beat them, be like them. Get yourself an automated sniping service as well.

Automated Sniping

how to snipe on ebayThere are dozens of automated eBay sniping services that charge a small fee to use. However, since most of them offer a free trial period, it doesn’t hurt to try out several of them before you decide on one. A simple search for an automated sniping service will yield a list of different online options to choose from.

Alternatively, you can use a stand-alone automated sniping service that can be downloaded and installed onto your computer. The main benefit with this option is that you pay a one-off fee for the application and use it as long as you wish. However, these applications work in real-time, meaning that your computer has to be powered throughout the time that the auctions run.

Finally, if you feel that using sniping to get unfair advantage goes against your principles, simply inform the seller through email that you were outbid at the last moment but you badly needed the item. the seller may offer you the same item at closing price. Either way, no one loses.

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