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How to Improve Seller Ratings

improve your seller ratingsIf you have just recently created you account on eBay, it is essential to know how to improve seller ratings. With low seller ratings, selling can be quite difficult, or even next to impossible. But if you have high seller ratings, making a sale online is much easier.

But how do you increase your seller ratings, if you have just begun on eBay? Well, to get things started, consider the following points below.

Give accurate description

When you list an item on eBay, you have to make sure that there is an accurate detail and information about your product. So before you submit an item, take a look at it carefully and include all details. But be sure that the information you provide is true, accurate, simple, and understandable by all your readers.

An excellent way to describe your product is by showing the pictures. This is one of the most important things on how to improve seller ratings. Make sure that your viewers are captivated by the pictures of your products and use truthful pictures. As long as you give a good description and photos of the product you sell, you should easily be able to improve on your seller ratings.


improving your ebay statsThis will surely help you know how to improve seller ratings. As a seller, you need to communicate with your buyer to settle things out. Communication is very easy with eBay.

All you need is to go to your account and click the manager’s pro then click automation preferences. This will help you communicate with your buyer. The more you can communicate with your buyer, the more you can build rapport and get lots of loyal customers.

Be accurate with the shipping time

Make sure to ship that product to the auction winner in time. There are some customers who get frustrated because they don’t get the product they ordered. These unsatisfied customers often give negative feedback to the seller and thus, lessening your chances of establishing your business online and making money on eBay.

Give discounts

This is one of the best ways on how to improve seller ratings. Almost all customers want discount, especially in these hard times. So if you give discounts to your customers, even at a lower price, you will surely get lots of seller ratings and good feedbacks from satisfied customers.

These are some of the best tips to get you started with your seller ratings. Make sure to follow them so that you can easily improve your ratings on eBay and any other websites out there.

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