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How to Sell Wholesale Jewelry for Profit

wholesale jewelry selling tipsAre you thinking of side business ideas? Consider wholesale jewelry. It is not only exciting but can be extremely profitable and satisfying.

Jewelry – earrings, bracelets, rings, emeralds, platinum, gold, silver, gem stones, and rings – are special items to sell because they are some of the most valuable and personal possessions someone can have. Jewelry is a symbol of fortune and wealth in many societies.

They are often very rare but that makes them even more alluring. Because of this, the process of buying and selling jewelry is usually filled with thrills. The beauty of it all is that you can start with an investment as low as $500.

Why wholesale?

With online selling (eBay), it even gets better. As you may know, shipping accounts for a significant part of costs when selling online. With jewelry, shipping costs are lower because it is generally lightweight, so your profits will not be eaten into so much by shipping costs.

Another advantage of selling wholesale jewelry is that the items are usually very small, you will not have a need to spend money on their storage, making jewelry a very economical item to sell.

How to start selling

1. Get a trustworthy source. Your first choice should be wholesalers. The best wholesalers offer top-notch customer service, in addition to low prices. It is very important that you take your time and source for a reliable wholesaler. Use the basic criteria below; proceed with caution if a wholesaler doesn’t meet any: 

gold jewlery outsourcing• Should have a safe payment method – PayPal and credit cards are first choice – such that in case of a dispute and you need to be refunded, you can request a chargeback.

• They should belong to a credible directory that verifies suppliers, such as

• They should have been in the business for not less than two years. Verify by checking their company info; there are a couple of tools that can help you do this.

2. Make a sample wholesale order from a new supplier before you can commit to them as their bulk order buyer. You’ll be  able to evaluate a lot of things and possibly, avoid pitfalls. Try out the jewelry first to see if it can easily break or to spot any blemishes.

3. Stay away from fake goods as much as you can. There are severe penalties for selling fakes and auction sites do all they can to keep their sites free from fakes. With jewelry, it can be hard at times to tell the difference between genuine and fake but you can get warning signs sometimes. Be wary of very low-priced wholesale jewelry as this is a ploy commonly used by disingenuous suppliers to entice new sellers.

4. When you’ve got your jewelry to sell, increase your chances of making a sale by placing multiple photos of the jewelry items. Jewelry buyers like to scrutinize and they can only do this with photos. It may cost you a bit more to post more than one photo but you’ll stand a higher chance of making a sale. You can also consider using a free host for your photos.

5. Then finally, do some research to find out the best sellers on eBay. There are tools that can help you do this and even if you’re not selling on eBay, getting an idea of the hottest selling jewelry will be beneficial in any market. eBay Pulse is a fantastic tool that eBay provides sellers to give them a bird's eye view of what the hot selling items are.


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