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How to Sell Bulk Wholesale Clothing on eBay

wholesale clothing vendorClothing is one of the hottest selling things on eBay. Every 22 seconds, a pair of women’s jeans is sold. This explains why it can be very profitable for any eBay seller to source bulk wholesale clothing.

Start with some research

Before you dive deep into wholesale clothing though, start with a little market research. This is the part most hated or simply neglected by many would prospective sellers.

Yes, researching is a bit time consuming but without it, you will never get to ‘power seller’ status. Market research gives you that much needed competitive edge crucial for being a successful eBay seller.

To research about bulk wholesale clothing, sift through a number of completed listings and pick key information on price, number of bids, and the like. Simply enter the keywords of the type of clothing you’re looking when you click the ‘Advanced Search’ tab next to the search field on any eBay page.

For instance, if you want to sell NEXT jeans, this would be the search term to enter. After that, scroll to the ‘Completed Listings’ option and check the adjacent box – this indicates to eBay that you only want ended listings displayed.

Once the results are generated, make comparisons of items sold (displayed in green) and those that were not (displayed in red). If there are more items sold, then that might be a good product to sell. For wholesale clothing, a good benchmark is 60 percent for sold items.

how to get a good clothing supplierHowever, you need to look through various result pages to get a more accurate picture of how good that particular item sells. You may get only 200 results for certain items while for others – especially bulk clothing – you can get up to 5000.

There’s no need of going through all the 5000 (or you’ll never start) but it is good to gather as much data as possible, say about 200 listings.

Find a wholesale supplier

Once you’ve settled on an item to sell, it’s time to find a wholesale supplier for clothing. Admittedly, this is a hugely daunting task for sellers as there are hundreds of wholesale suppliers on eBay. Nonetheless, there are ways to avoid the common pitfalls.

Shun all suppliers with fakes. This is particularly important. You may think that it is a cool idea to lie about the item you’re selling but you may end up selling none instead.

Another mistake you might want to avoid is to use a payment method that is not safe. Be wary of suppliers who insist on payment methods that don’t have escrow payment – like direct money transfers. Most online payment methods allow escrow and, for credit cards, you can request a chargeback in case you’re not satisfied with what the supplier has sent.

There are suppliers that insist on being paid through Western Union and the like, but that that is the most unsafe type of payment for this kind of business. If you get fake goods or don’t get any goods at all, there’s no way you can claim a refund.

These are some of the invaluable tips any prospective wholesale clothing seller on eBay should take seriously.

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