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How to Build a High-Quality E-mail List

high quality email listBeing in touch with prospective buyers is an extremely powerful marketing channel. That is the power that an email list gives you. However, studies have shown that approximately 25 percent of subscribers on a typical email list are ineffectual.

Reasons vary but mainly center around inactive subscribers, email bounces, and unsubscribed prospects, among other reasons.

Therefore to counteract this attrition, marketers need to constantly be building their lists and find ways of retaining active subscribers.

At the heart of a healthy and successful online marketing campaign is a permission based email list. To ensure that your content and promotions achieve your marketing objective, you need to target people who care about your cause or what your business offers. 

When building a high-quality email list that is responsive, you have to seek the permission of your prospects to join your list. If someone opts in your email list, it means that they are interested in your business; they are giving you a precious moment of their attention. This is extremely valuable in the current times where people are very picky about the information they want to read.

So how do you get people to subscribe to your email list? Well, you simply ask. You need to ask for their permission, and if they opt-in, they are interested, otherwise they are not.

Permission-based email marketing has four basic rules:

1. It is the law. On top of being polite, asking for permission is abiding by the law. It’s the difference between genuine, honest email marketers and spammers. Permission is what gives you the edge, so ask for it and keep it when you get it.

2. It is critical. To a consumer, getting their permission before you start sending your newsletter means you are trustworthy. Any emails from unknown senders are viewed as spam nowadays; therefore make it a point to ask for permission.

3. Permission can be revoked. If someone accepted to be on your email list, it’s not a guarantee that they want to be on it for eternity. You need to keep earning permission as time goes by and you must provide an opt-out option.

4. You cannot transfer permission. Just because you’ve got permission to send one newsletter doesn’t mean you’ve been permitted to send anything. Also, be careful with lists sold by third parties. Consumers want to hear from businesses they know and trust, not strangers.

Tips for adding new subscribers:

subscribers to a high quality email list• When asking prospects to sign up for your newsletter, make it easy and enjoyable.

• You should have a ‘Join My Mailing List’ button on your home page which links to an archive of your newsletters.

• Use social media or your blog to promote your newsletter. Include a ‘Join My Mailing List’ box on your Facebook page. Send newsletter teasers to your Twitter and link your followers to an archive where they can browse through past issues.

• Offer incentives to new subscribers, such as coupons or free reports.

• Offer your customers options for selecting areas of interest on sign up such that they receive targeted content.

• Finally, remember to send a welcome email message to new subscribers. Give them an idea of what they will be receiving and the frequency.

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