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EBay's Squeezing Store Owners

ebay squeezeAlthough it is still the leader in the online auction business, eBay is increasingly alienating store owners and small sellers generally. Funny enough, the very people that eBay is squeezing are among its most treasured power sellers. So what exactly is eBay doing to squeeze store owners?

Here are a few reasons (according to feedback from a number of sellers) why store owners feel squeezed.

Increased Fees

A number of eBay power sellers claim that eBay has increased its overall selling fees by up to 20 percent. Ebay’s decision to alter its fee structure severely affects the bottom-line profit margins of almost all eBay businesses.

The online shopping giant may lower listing fees on the front end to entice buyers but increase back end fees, which only makes it seem greedy, which leads us to the second point.

Vulnerability of eBay business

Almost all vendors on eBay are now fully aware that their profit margins are vulnerable to any changes that eBay may decide to enforce on the selling business model. This is true for anything like listing and selling fees, template designs, and eBay search techniques, among others.

Limited conversion options

Compared to another e-commerce store such as BigCommerce, an eBay store’s selling functionality is very limited in the areas below:

Lack of product upgrade options, such as color, size, specs, among others.

• Poor or lack of social integration features.

• Customer service lacks a live chat option.

• No functionality for coupon code promotion.

• Lack of customer order discounts.

• Template options are limited

Poor Buyer Experience

squeezing the piggy bankThe default listing templates provided by eBay make it very hard for sellers to provide a memorable buying experience for buyers.

Online shoppers want to be able to look at all details of the product using the photos provided with the listing. It’s normally the only way they can gauge the quality of the items they want to buy. However, the reality is that there are typically very limited photos per item and even then, they are not that clear for customers to be able to view every minute detail.

The eBay templates also don’t solve any problem. They make it hard for product videos to be neatly displayed, and this is the kind of information that is most crucial for buyers. Basically, a seller would need to hire an HTML programmer to give their pages a professional look.

Branding Difficulties

The default templates provided by eBay are only aimed at promoting a single brand (we all know who that is). When you look at a product listing on eBay just above the fold (minus scrolling down), you’ll realize that EBAY is the only brand being promoted. Store owners find it hard to tell the difference between their brands and their competitors’ when using eBay template.

As you can see, these issues not only affect your business’ growth prospects on eBay but also your bottom line profits. It’s no surprise that many eBay store owners are pondering the idea of starting their own online store businesses.

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