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Discover the Secret To Wholesale Sunglasses Sourcing Success

secrets to sunglass wholesourcingSunglasses are a favorite accessory for many people. They are normally used as a fashion statement. Besides being stylish and trendy, they also help to protect the eyes from potentially damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun.

In addition, they also protect the skin around your eyes from possible cancer.

Sunglasses are a hot selling item on eBay and a favorite for new sellers. Many sellers are comfortably earning a living selling sunglasses. The problem is that majority of prospective sellers are clueless about where to source for them.  Here are some resources for locating reliable suppliers.

Google searches

Admittedly, the first place that most people go to online for any kind of information is Google. The same is true for wholesale sunglasses but the facts might be a little surprising for you about searching on Google.

The number one reason you might have to think twice before sourcing for sunglasses suppliers on Google is that the giant search engine will not protect you from unscrupulous suppliers. Once you choose to use an open search engine like Google, you should keep in mind that you’ve opened yourself up to thousands of ‘fake’ suppliers out there who are always on the lookout for unsuspecting and eager sellers like you.

However, this is not to take anything away from Google, but it means that you need to be very cautious when you use it to source for sunglasses suppliers.

Directories of suppliers

sunglass sourcingMajority of sellers on eBay use some kind of directory for their wholesale product needs. On top of that, some sellers use directory listings every day. This policy, which works very smoothly with hundreds of other niches, can also work for wholesale sunglasses. What you need to remember is that directories don’t work the same.

The fact is that some directories are not worth a second look and should be avoided like the plague. Fortunately, there are some pointers you can use to make out the trusted directories from those that don’t deserve the time of day.

• Directories that are below 5000 supplies are a no go area.

• Free directories are a waste of time

• A supplier you choose must be verified; use this tool: and check out their information.

Trade shows

There are various trade shows where you can view and buy sunglasses in bulk. The good thing with trade shows is that you’ll find everything and everyone in the wholesale sunglasses business under one roof. Sellers are usually stunned by the sheer scale of variety and rareness of the deals they stumble onto at trade shows.

The fact that there are always a number of suppliers in a single location makes it even better for buyers as competition makes for better prices.  If you want to take full advantage of these trade shows, visit a city where they are normally held.

New York and Los Angeles are some of the most popular. If you have more money to spend, you can try cities in China. Lookout for a trade show near your hometown too.

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