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5 Tips for Listing Titles in Ebay

tips on listing titles on ebayAlthough a listing title seems relatively simple, it is not always easy to come up with the right one for your one every time you list a new item to sell online.

There is a certain psychology to creating a title that has information, impact, and little bit of pizzazz. If you are considering becoming an eBay seller or are trying to figure out how to make your online sales efforts go more smoothly, a solid listing title is a great place to start.

Here are six tips that will help it say just what you Want, and tell buyers exactly what they want to hear.

1. Don't be afraid to use an adjective or two with your noun. What I mean by that is make sure that you don't just put car on the listing title. Describe it a little bit by putting red antique Ford car replica.

The extra words make quite a difference in defining your product, and gives buyers a greater idea of what you are selling.

2. Great listing titles are not like a puzzle to be solved. If your listing title simply says "Check this out" you are most likely not to get anybody checking it out.

People usually are looking for something in a specific category on eBay and not just browsing every single item every single eBay seller has listed.

3. If you are selling a product with a reputable brand name use that brand name in the title. When your listing title says, "Brand New Nike Running Shoes For Women" it has much more impact that "New Running Shoes".

Companies like Nike that have spent billions of dollars marketing their name give you an advantage when you use their name.

4. Do not give a misleading listing title. If you do, you will most likely get flagged for it. You may also frustrate buyers and lose their business forever.

For buyers, it's a little bit like when you want to read an article online and you click on it, only to be redirected to some obscure page.It is annoying and you can't get out of there quick enough.

One of the most frustrating occurrences I've come across is when sellers say something like 'Chanel' in their item title, but really, the item is not Chanel, nor does it look anything like it. eBay comes down hard on sellers exercising this practice.

5. You only get 55 characters for your eBay listing, so make the most of it! Make sure you include the most relevant information in the title. Anything else can be left for the description within your listing.

The purpose of the listing title is to catch people's attention so they click on it and find out further details on the product and your eBay store.

When writing listing titles, make sure you use common sense, great words, and accurate descriptions to describe the product. If you do you will have incorporated the mentioned listing tips into your eBay listing title.

The result will be a dynamic listing title that draws people in to view your product. If they don't look at it they are not going to bid on it. Be dynamic and earn the dollars.

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