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5 Steps to Locating Manufacturers in India

locating manufacturers in indiaIf you own an eBay store and are trying to locate products and importing from India there are five steps that you need to take for ensuring a good transaction.

When you follow these steps your chances of having a transaction that everybody favors increases substantially. Each step is important and will help protect you and the manufacturer. This means that everybody should win and you can enjoy a successful transaction.

1. Find a list of all the manufacturers from India that have shown a positive work history with buyers from other countries. The internet provides a wealth of information for doing research and coming up with informed decisions.

If feedback on a certain company repeats certain things continually it is a sign that they may not be the best manufacturer to work with.

Look specifically for comments regarding on-time delivery of product and quality of the product. Those are two of the most major concerns any eBay store owner has when working long distance with a manufacturer.

2. See if the product you seek is offered by just one manufacturer or several. If there is competition between manufacturers who produce similar products you will see the benefit of that because the pricing will be more competitive and favorable.

Indian manufacturers want to earn your business and will make attractive offers. You can inquire and ask questions without offending if you are expressing true concerns.

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3. Work with manufacturers in India that write up contracts, not just purchase orders. This is very important to do because it will be the biggest protection you have in your transaction.

Purchase orders are designed to protect manufacturers and sellers. Contracts have the proper language that protects both manufacturer and buyer.

Any manufacturer should be used to doing these if they have worked with buyers from other countries prior.

Also make sure that the contracts are in your native language too. Everybody should clearly be able to read and understand a contract that they enter into.

It is not uncommon to see contracts in several languages when it comes to buying products from manufacturers in India.

4. Do not pay for an entire order if you have not received it. Find and structure a payment agreement that is fair to you, the buyer, and the manufacturer.

Paying for an entire order before it is shipped and viewed by you has the potential to cause a huge problem for you.

Payment is your most powerful leveraging tool you have for ensuring a quality product that is delivered on time is received by you.

On the other side, don't accept a product and then not pay the bill. You will soon become blacklisted by manufacturers for not sticking to your end of the agreement.

how to find reliable suppliers in india5. Keep all your communications and documents that you have had with the manufacturer. It is always wise to have a paper trail for an international transaction.

Manufacturers in India will honor agreements and commitments they have made. With possible language barriers communication can be misconstrued.

Make sure you talk clearly and precisely through your chose forms of communication. This will ensure that you and the manufacturer are on the same page.

When you follow these five steps your chances of locating a good manufacturer in India will improve.

These are simple steps that you can take to protect yourself as a buyer and ensure the manufacturer that you are a good eBay store to do business with.

Do you like the idea of using an India-based manufacturer, but first need to figure out what it is you will sell?

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