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5 Steps to Importing Manufacturers in India

importing from indiaIf you own an eBay business and are trying to locate products to sell from India there are 5 steps that you need to take to ensure that you find the right supplier for you.

1. Research reliable suppliers. The internet provides a wealth of information for doing research and coming up with informed decisions.

If feedback on a particular supplier repeats certain things continually it is a sign that they may not be the best manufacturer to work with. Look specifically for comments regarding on-time delivery of product and quality of the product.

2. Don't settle on the first supplier you find. See if the product you seek is offered by more than just one manufacturer.

The main benefit here is that when two or more manufacturers are offering the same item, their prices will be driven down to remain competitive. Indian manufacturers want to earn your business and will make attractive offers.

3. Get familiar with importing regulations. When importing from India to your country, all the usual rules will apply.

Local regulations will vary somewhat, but there will usually be Paper work to complete such as Customs forms and import tax invoices. For US-based importers, you will need to complete a Customs forms 3461 and 7501.

import from indians4. Always use safe payment options when paying for your shipment. Unless you are dealing with huge quantities, and paying in excess of US$10,000, your wholesale supplier will expect you to pay for your entire shipment upfront. This makes a lot of sellers a little nervous, and fair enough! Thankfully, you can protect yourself and your cash by using safe payment methods.

Credit card is the best of these. When you pay your supplier using your credit card, your bank or credit card provider can usually perform a chargeback if your transaction goes pear-shaped. Using a third party payment option such as is another safe way to pay your supplier.

When you use Escrow, you pay your supplier via Escrow who holds the payment until you have received your shipment. Once you have given Escrow the all-clear, they will pay your supplier the full amount.

5. Be prepared for communication difficulties. While many Indian manufacturers dealing with Western businesses will have a sales representative who can speak English, remember that it is not their first language.

If you are speaking with a manufacturer over the phone, and you are both finding it difficult to understand each other, give email a go. Many bilingual people can write their second language better than they can speak it, depending on how they learnt.

Follow these five steps to hugely increase your chances of locating a good manufacturer, and to ensure your transaction runs smoothly. I hope you enjoyed this newsletter article, stay tuned for the next edition.

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