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what you need to know to sell on ebayAs you might be well aware, eBay is the largest and most successful online-selling business model in the history of the internet.

Millions of people converge on to the website everyday to buy and sell merchandise worth millions of dollars. Many more have become millionaires selling items on and

You too can have a slice of the cake if you know what to do. Just about anything can go on eBay, both new and used – electronics, art, real estate, music, movies, and anything else you can name.

The business model that eBay uses is brilliantly simple; to provide an online market place that is simple and motivating where anyone all over the world can come to sell or buy products with confidence. Charge a small fee on a sale, make the transaction as easy as possible and enforce trust and safety for all parties.

If you’re the selling side of eBay and need to maximize your earnings, here are five useful tips:

1. Take your time and research

Browsing eBay costs absolutely nothing and that’s part of its appeal. As a seller, you can make this work for you: search for the item you’re going to sell, not just to get a price estimate but also to assess the interest. If an item consistently receives few bids, then either there’s just no interest or sellers are overcharging. If you feel you can undercut their price and still make some profit, go for it.

2. Don’t spend a lot on a listing

reality check on ebay businessesWhen you set up an eBay auction for the first time, you’ll be met with an incredible list of options, all of which will appear cheap. There’s always an insertion when you list an auction plus a final value fee, but everything else will look very tempting.

There are all sorts of fees for extras but while this isn’t wrong in principle, be careful about overspending upfront because you will have to pay those fees even if you sell your item or not. Otherwise, making money on ebay might not turn out to be a profitable venture.

3. Mind the categories you choose

This again concerns overspending, particularly if the items you’re selling are small and not worth that much. By default, eBay suggests probable categories that your item may fit. Every added category doubles the insertion fee and this is a trap you may easily miss with category listings.

4. Picture storage should be your own

EBay will not charge you for your first picture but you can also use your own online picture storage. The thing is, for every additional picture, eBay will charge you 25 cents. If you want absolute control of what appears in a listing, you will have to host your own pictures. If the pictures are on a website that’s out of your control, prepare for surprises when the content is changed.

5. Do not over-state

While hyping is part of the game of selling, it may backfire on you when overdone. If there is an obvious flaw in what you’re selling, state it clearly, however tempting it might be to omit such things. Not being honest in your descriptions is the easiest route to having buyer disputes, and, if you’re in it for the long term, these are the things you want to avoid.

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eBay Selling Tips | Selling on eBay Tips:

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