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eBay Auction Management Services and Software

business management softwareeBay’s default system of selling items is what almost all sellers start out with. As you might already know, this type of selling enables some bit of customization via the Listing Designer feature but this still has numerous limitations and if you want to create some fanciful auction listings, this is certainly now the way to do it.

For that reason, many third parties joined the fray for building eBay auction listings with a number of different listing creation software and services.

While some of these are dedicated only to auction listings creation, others come as part of a more robust, comprehensive auction management solution that offers numerous other services besides auction listings, such as check-out services, sending out end of auction emails, listing bulk feedback, etc.

Regardless of what type of third party solution is more ideal for your business, one thing is certain: they are robust enough to create listings that are more sophisticated than those that the default Listing Designer feature at eBay can manage.

Auction Listing Services

With an auction listing service, you can create auction listings from within your browser. You make your auction listings, apply some formatting or use a pre-designed template, and then the service uploads the listing on eBay.

There might be a fee charged or you may upload a listing for free, depending on which service you use. Some services charge a flat monthly subscription fee. You may also be offered other auction services as part of the total package.

Note that whether you pay or don’t pay any fees for your auction listing service, you still have to pay eBay listing fees.

Do You Have to Pay for Auction Listing services?

pay for advertising on ebayYou can create basic auction listings free of charge on eBay (besides the usual insertion fees), so why would you need to pay for an auction listings service?

This is a valid question that needs valid answers. Fortunately, there are some good ones.

To begin with, you need to remember that eBay auction listings are only free if they are going to be standard text-based listings. You will have to pay extra fees for the inclusion of more than one photo. In addition, you’ll even pay additional fees for using the Listing Designer themes. Therefore, creating auction listings on eBay isn’t always free.

Secondly, there’s the issue of flexibility and variety. Like we noted earlier, eBay’s Listing Designer feature and the standard text-based listing do not offer anything remarkable. On top of that, you cannot really do any significant customization; with eBay’s themes, there are no separate sections created automatically. Thus, for a wider variety of beautifully designed templates, you need to look beyond eBay. That is why you have several listing services out there.

Some Popular Listing Services

When it comes to selecting a listing service, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The assumption that the most expensive service is the best doesn’t always hold true. Most services allow you to preview the listings in a trial run so take advantage of this.

Some popular listing services include: Andale, Auction Hawk, Auctiva, ChannelAdvisor, HammerTap, inkFrog, SpareDollar, Vendio, among others.



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