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eBay's 2nd Chance Offer

ebay 2nd chanceWhen your listings end without selling, there is a tool that you have within eBay that allows you to offer a second chance to your bidders. This is a great eBay tool to use that can improve eBay selling!

You can make a Second Chance Offer to someone when:

* Your item didn't sell because the reserve price wasn't met

* You have duplicate items for sale

* The winning bidder didn't pay you

Of course, eBay would rather you try to resolve the issue before you send out the offer in the event that there is an issue with eBay.

But if the buyer just simply can't pay for the item, go ahead and blast the offer out while the other buyers have the product still fresh in their minds. You are allowed up to 60 days after the listing has closed, but be proactive.

What will happen is eBay will send the Second Chance Offer to the email inbox of the other bidder and ask if they would like to buy the item at the price that they last bid on it before it was awarded.

It would now be called the "Buy it Now" price. For example, if the item was awarded to the winner at $45 and the runner up buyer chose $43.25, they would now have a chance to buy the item for $43.25.

It does have to be less than or equal to the Reserve Price though.

To send a Second Chance Offer:

1. Go to My eBay. (You may be asked to sign in)

2. On the Activity tab under Sell, click the Sold or Unsold link.

3. Locate the item.

4. From the Actions drop-down menu next to the item, click the Second Chance Offer link.

5. Click the Continue button.

6. Select the bidders you want to send offers to, the  duration of the offers, and write a personal message.

You will also receive a copy of the offer in your inbox. Be aware that the buyer might have their preferences set to a setting where they do not receive notifications from eBay.

It is up to you to select the duration of the offer. You can choose between 1,3,5 and 7 days. I would recommend no more than 1 or 3 depending on the day and time of day.

You want them to hurry up and buy. If they do not respond in the duration of the time you have selected, the offer expires and you lose that sale. There is no fee connected to the Second Chance Offer.

You simply pay for the final value fee after purchased. The scenario to be cautious for is that you can send to all the bidders that bid. If more than one buyer accepts the offer, and there is only one offer, you must only award one.

This is actually wonderful if you have multiple items, but it might annoy someone who thought they were getting a second chance and didn't get it.

You can also leave feedback for both - the person who originally won the bid but didn't pay and the second chance person who bought it.

I would leave great feedback for the person who accepted the Second Chance Offer. You can either not leave feedback for the first person or leave feedback for others to know that they might not pay.

Having this offer has gained exceptional returns and has proven to be one of the best tools that eBay offers. Take advantage of it.

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