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Your Own Ebook Business Review

your own ebook businessMost people are skeptical about the eBook business; they believe that it is not a viable business idea. However, someone out there has raked in thousands of dollars doing just that; selling eBooks on eBay.

This super eBook seller has now created a support network assisting a number of eBook sellers and prospective entrepreneurs in the eBook business.

John Thornhill has assembled a legion of marketing tools and skills, plus unmatched advice in a single product. In his product ‘Your Own eBook Business’, he focuses on guiding the reader on how to become an eBay PowerSeller in just 90 days.

If you’re an eBay seller who’s had a shot at becoming a PowerSeller, you must understand why most sellers are now hesitant to try. You must be extremely determined and thick-skinned to achieve that feat.

The magic in selling information products – eBooks – is that they are sold in digital format that is easily downloadable. Basically, this means that you cut out all the inconvenient trips to the post to ship items, not to mention the costs. In fact, all you incur are eBay and PayPal fees.

This is what John Thornhill capitalized on and he isn’t afraid to inform anyone who cares to read that he earns thousands selling eBooks on eBay. He proudly displays his eBay ID for everyone to see (planetsms) so they can verify for themselves – surely, with over 13000 positive feedback and more than 5 years eBay selling experience, he has all reasons to splash his ID.

Your Own Ebook Business is offered as a support membership program. It is more than a standalone tutorial; it offers on-going support for members too. Once you become a member of Your Own Ebook Business, John avails you with the whole range of products that he sells on eBay, plus a promise to give you all his future products at no added cost.

You can then sell these products at any online auction of your choice, even eBay. You will get the product design templates as well as the listing templates. Essentially, John promises to give you his own ‘blueprint’ that has helped him succeed with his eBay auction listings. Additionally, he promises to avail you your own website for your prospective online business.

Most sellers are aware of eBay’s rules regarding selling downloadable products, so, it’s no wonder that they get a little confused about how it is really feasible to successfully sell eBooks on eBay. However, John Thornhill asserts that there are ways you can sell eBooks and still remain within eBay’s rules and guidelines. To learn exactly how this is possible, you need to first become a member.

To become a PowerSeller using Your Own Ebook Business, you need to go through the step-by-step tutorials and then get everything required to accumulate the sales volume required to reach PowerSeller status. Note that there are no quick fixes here; you will be required to put in a number of hours every day for the 90 days within which you’re to reach PowerSeller status.

All in all, this product is more than just an eBay selling guide; it encompasses the techniques needed for a successful online business in any niche.

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