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Writing Ebay Reviews And Guides to Gain Traffic

how to write reviews on ebayIf you’ve ever tried to buy any item off eBay, chances are you perused a number of reviews about that particular item.

One of the most powerful tools that potential buyers use to get more information about a particular product are reviews and guides.

Reviews and guides are even more valuable to sellers as they build reputation and help to drive traffic to a seller’s listings.

A majority of professional sellers focus on a single niche, which means that they become expert in that chose product type. To anyone, this may seem worthless but you can actually put that knowledge to good use and realize practical results. This is how you make yourself stand out from from the sea of ebay vendors out there and attract buyers to your ebay auctions.

When you write reviews or guides for the products you’re selling, potential buyers will easily tell that you are an authority regarding that product. This gives you instant credibility as a seller. Note that some active items of yours will be displayed on the review/guide page.

This can directly play into your hands because if a product review is carefully written and informative, and the potential customer notices an active listing for that product, there’s a big chance of them clicking and buying the product from you, rather than looking elsewhere.

Guides work the same way. For instance, if you specialize in baby items, a useful guide would be one that directs an expectant or new mother on how to go through the first six months without ‘running mad’.

using reviews to drive traffic to ebay listingsOr you could be specializing in pesticides, in which case a guide that is explains how someone can get the most out of ‘mole repellant’ would be relevant.

Again, the products you’re selling should be included in the lists, and ensure that you’re truthful and objective – clearly state advantages and disadvantages. Remember, it is a guide, not a sales letter.

There should a link in your auction to your guides and reviews, which helps to augment your credibility. People who read your reviews and guides will give you ‘helpfulness’ votes and as the number gets bigger, you may easily become a Top Reviewer.

It’s worth noting that it is not very important to have a lot of reviews or guides which are not detailed or informative. You can have a couple of reviews and guides which are extremely popular because they are detailed, objective and informative.

If your specialty is information products, you can include a teaser in a guide and state where you got it from (the book). This book should be one of the items displaying on the guide page, so visitors may be able to buy the whole book from you by just clicking through.

Your eBay reviews and guides can definitely be your secret traffic building tool. Unfortunately, reviews and guides do not receive that much promotion and many people simply miss out on how powerful and important they can be in building credibility and pulling traffic to your ebay listings

Most of all, you’re not limited to the number of topics you can write about in your guides and reviews. Better still, it will not cost you a penny. All you have to invest is some time.

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