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Wholesale Sourcing for Art

wholesale sourcing for artMany art sellers on eBay struggle with sourcing for art items. However, art is everywhere if you care to look.

Below are some ideas about sourcing for art to sell on eBay.

There are millions of artists around the world who spend a great deal of time creating art – be it painting, making crafts and pottery pieces, or knitting – but don’t know where to sell their beautiful creations. What these artists do is to book stalls in local craft markets that may take place within their localities.

The fact is that these local art and craft fairs receive largely the same visitors year after year, who are mainly residents of the area where the fair is held. This means that all that beautiful art gets exposed to a small group of people over and over again. Although these artists have the option of travelling to bigger towns and cities, the costs could easily wipe away all their profit, so they are left confined in their places.

On top of that, art is a time consuming activity, so most of these artists can’t find time to sell their items on eBay. This is a big opportunity for the eBay seller; since you have the time and resources to auction the art items, you can take away this burden from the artist and sell their items at an established commission.

All you have to do is to come up with a good selling strategy and you’ll be guaranteed constant supply of quality art pieces from artists. If you establish a solid relationship with an artist, they’re likely to recommend you to other artists and before long, you’ll have more stock than you bargained for, all with zero investment in stock.

how to sell art on ebaySo if you set out to sell art on eBay, start by looking for artists in local art fairs. Have some flyers and business cards printed with your contact information. Include your business details in brief and state how your commission service works plus the charges.

More importantly, you will need a written agreement whenever you enter into a business relationship with an art supplier. The agreement should explain your terms and conditions in detail, clearly laying out what the seller should expect from you and what not to expect. Ensure you have these documents whenever you visit art fairs.

You can also source for art suppliers by advertising in local papers and art magazines. If there are art and craft groups in your area, you can pay them a visit too and introduce them to the idea of selling art on the auction site.

Make sure you’re not persuading them to do something they’re unfamiliar with; instead, you should just show them how eBay works and what benefits they stand to reap by selling on the auction site. Emphasize the fact that you can take care of the selling and promoting of their art on the site while they concentrate on making new pieces.

This is how you can source for art to sell on eBay. If you play your cards right, selling art on eBay can be very rewarding and you may never want to sell anything else.

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