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Tips for Importing Wholesale DVDs

wholesale dvd supplierDVD's are made for all sorts of reasons. Some are blank so you can decide what you'd like to put on it yourself. Others have movies. Some are meant for education, exercise, and explaining.

No matter what type of DVD's you are considering for your eBay business make sure that you find out the best way to import them at a reasonable price, without customs hassles, and ensure they are quality.

One hint to remember is that DVD's from foreign countries often have a different format. Make sure that the DVD's you purchase can be recorded on or played with the technology sold in your home country, or wherever you are selling them.

Tip#1: Research the sources you are considering for importing the DVD's. It is important to find out if they are reputable.

The counterfeited DVD market is huge, and it's not uncommon for you to end up buying a wholesale lot of fake DVDs. This is a huge waste of money for buyers; the DVDs cannot be sold because

1) they are very low quality, and may not even play correctly, leading to buyer dissatisfaction and bad feedback.

2) it is highly illegal to sell counterfeit DVDs.

tips for getting wholesale dvd suppliersTip #2: Importing blank DVD's is one of the most inexpensive import opportunities that you may have. Make sure that the DVD's are programmed or programmable.

If they are not they will be of no use to you or anybody interested in purchasing them.

Tip #3: Make sure you can sell the DVD for a price that is similar or lower than what is offered at the larger DVD sellers and wholesale distributors.

People may spend more to purchase a DVD from Barnes & Noble but they will not pay more to purchase from an eBay store. The only exception to that would be if it was an import edition and fairly rare to find.

Tip #4: Thoroughly investigate what type of discounts you can get for bulk purchases. There are literally millions of DVDs available on nearly every subject and from every movie genre.

When you are investigating wholesalers or manufacturers you have a very good chance of negotiating a deal that is extremely favorable to you.

Tip #5: Make sure you know if you are purchasing new or used DVD's. While it may run just as fabulously new or used there is still a definite difference in price between the two. People will not be willing to pay new price for a used DVD.

Tip #6: If it is a prerecorded DVD make sure that the quality is good. Many times you may be able to get a sample to view or watch via online video.

Selling poor quality videos will make it difficult to move them and you may end up using them for their cases or as bookends. Find out what assurances you have for quality.

DVDs are items that are a part of nearly everybody's life. Most people own DVDs or at least rent them. That means that it is a priority to use DVDs as a form of entertainment, education, or information.

If you want to sell DVDs on your eBay store make sure you look at all the tips just mentioned. You can turn your DVD sales into a profitable business.

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