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Interested in Sourcing Wholesale Shoes?

how to source for shoes suppliersThis remains to be one of the biggest industries of all time. We have a fascination with shoes! We have boots, sandals, tennis shoes, slippers, heels, the list goes on.

A lot of people have a certain pair for a certain outfit for the day. This trend does not seem to be disappearing either. The amount of diversity only seems to grow.

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When you are getting into the shoe biz, it's paramount to look at the overall picture.

This means not only looking at the color, shape, size, etc., of the shoe itself, but of the "shoe chain" that starts at the cow that was eating grass in a field, to fitting onto someone's foot.

There are many studies that have been done on the shoe chain, and a lot of the subjects in question cross over with our food (this isn't a rant - there's a point to this).

We wear materials on our feet from animals. But they also have other materials they are made from, obviously.

They are made of vinyl, leather, canvas, fiber, plastic, rubber, denims, aluminum, cottons, fibers, canvas or polyesters fabrics - the list goes on.

The point is to keep that in mind when you are looking to source wholesale shoes. This is a big business and people are aware of that.

All of the raw materials that go into the shoe that you want to sell have to come from somewhere. This is where the cost of the eBay wholesale supplier needs to be checked.

wholesale shoes vendorsMany wholesalers, even though they are legitimate wholesalers, may have raised their prices unfavorably. It is common practice for businesses to have multiple shoe wholesalers.

That is because the world changes in flux very rapidly in the fiscal year.

One month there are plenty of cotton shipments coming into the factory, and the next it is out of cotton because of a fire in the region, just as an example.

It's just the way that it goes. Resources for shoes - all products for that matter - have to be analyzed and reviewed on a quarterly basis.

How you are going to find the right business to source shoes is by being on top of the shoe biz! Keep informed on matters that deals with the products that you want to sell. A website that I highly recommend is;

This website is great for seeing who is doing what, and the newest trends within the shoe chain. But remember that before you make a decision on a company you want to go with, you should check off the criteria on my mandatory checklist:

* Get referrals for their company
* Background check for licenses and registrations
* Person to person communication and a good "gut feeling"

If you manage to successfully get on board with a great company, and there are many out there, then you are on your way to grabbing your slice of the pie.

All I ask is that you check your company's profiles and information on their nbound shipments. You need to think of the shoe chain as being in constant flux.

If you manage to keep tabs on the global obstacles with the materials that go into your shoes, you will not find yourself explaining to a customer that you do not have shoes because a flood in Brazil had wiped out a plantation of latex trees - so there is no rubber for the soles. This is why it is important to have a Plan A, B and C.



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