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Importing Wholesale Shoes From China

wholesale shoes from chinaImporting wholesale shoes from china can be very lucrative. But most sellers often get intimidated from importing in China because they don’t know what to do.

To tell you the truth, the process of importing shoes from China is quite tricky but it can pay off in the end. Fortunately, things have gotten a bit easier and with the trend of globalization and trade technology.

Steps on importing wholesale shoes from china

Find a reliable supplier. There are a lot of suppliers in China so you might find it hard to manually search for them. The internet is the best tool in searching for suppliers. There are many websites that offer web listings, including the different suppliers in China.

Establish relationship with potential suppliers. This is an important thing to consider when importing shoes from China. All you need is to select a few potential suppliers and simply communicate with. But of course, you also need to provide some information about yourself.

But be sure to look for potential suppliers who have been in the business for long enough so that you can guarantee your money invested is placed properly.

Know the payment terms. It is fair enough to pay 30% at time of order, and 70% when the products have been shipped. Giving down payment gives the supplier and manufacturer some funds that are necessary for production.

But of course, these terms are negotiable, depending on the transactions between the buyer and the seller.

sneakers from china wholesalersChoose a forwarder and customs house broker in your country. This is an important thing to consider in importing wholesale shoes from China. All you need is to go to the nearest international trade organization in your area and look for companies that can help ship your imported shoes from China.

You can place a trial order a written purchase for your shoes and see if everything goes well.  This will require you to give the purchase order, detailed description of the products, packaging, and other requirements.

The last thing you need is to receive the products you imported from China. This is fairly easy because you will only have to know where you can get the goods you imported from the forwarder. Once you know where you can get the products, you can now keep them or resell them.

These are the steps in importing wholesales shoes from China. It may take a while before you can receive your shoes but be patient. Just be sure that your forwarder is reliable so that you can feel at ease.

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