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How to Source Wholesale mp3 Players

wholesale mp3 player supplierGadgets and gizmos across the board do seem to get a lot of traffic and sales. This is because there is a huge surge in the speed that these items come about. One item that is hot today may not be the hottest item tomorrow.

Before we begin to look into the criteria for sourcing to wholesalers across the world, let's examine what people are buying. Different people are going to choose differently to make a purchase of their mp3, mp4, mp5, etc., gadget.

People are looking into the size, shape, color, and everything that can provide the files that they want to upload.

So the questions that you are going to have to prepare for a potential wholesale company should be similar to these questions.

* How much memory does it hold?
* How much does it cost?
* Where do they come from?
* Does it have flash memory?
* What are the accessories?
* What does it look like?
* Is it waterproof?
* What brands are similar?

You should have a good idea of the type of mp3 players that you want to sell to your target market and all that comes with the homework that you have to do in order to try to increase sales and conversions.

If you are selling to surfers and beach bodies, you might need them to be waterproof. When you start looking for companies that are wholesaling these items, there are three criteria that are mandatory.

If the company does not have ALL of these, you need to move on to another company.

* Do they have references?
* Are they internationally registered?
* Do they offer safe payment options?

good mp3 supplierOf course, there are several other factors that will come into play but those are mandatory for me. I will hope that you protect yourself from the dangers that counterfeit mp3 players bring.

Once a hot item seems to launch and become an instant success, prepare for the over-abundance of junk that comes after it that will try to replicate them.

Most of the mp3 players that people find at wholesale price will come from China. This shouldn't be of that much of a surprise to you. China has dominated this niche for decades now and they will for an unforeseen future.

I always recommend meeting people in person of whom you are doing any business or buy wholesale. The wholesale company that is a major part of your business is going to make you or break you.

If you find a company online, because you can't make it to an international trade show, then be sure to see who else they are supplying and get a referral.

I would like to say that 90% of the websites on the internet that offer wholesale mp3 players are legit and offer great services, but I am still cautious for you to run into that 10% that could cause you trouble.

So what you need to do is look up on an international wholesale directory, like SaleHoo or something similar, and begin to write down 15 companies that you think will be good for your specific business.

After you have your 15, then take it down to 3 by a process of elimination. Once a company proves to be shady or does not rub you the right way, eliminate that company as a wholesaler.

There are several companies out there that are run perfectly at great prices. Remember that you do not have to go to China to find a Chinese wholesaler.

You can go to LA or New York City and link up with them at one of the trade shows there.

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