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How to Source Wholesale iPads

how to wholesale ipadsIt doesn't take a genius to spot that Apple iPads are hot property on eBay right now. When I searched eBay's completed listings the other day, iPads had a 95% success rate - an outstanding figure in such a fickle marketplace.

The trickier question is whether or not there is room for one more seller to profit from iPads on eBay, namely - you! Unfortunately you can't just jump online and find a cheap Chinese supplier for iPads.

If you have, then bear in mind that they will undoubtedly be selling fakes.

Importing and selling fakes can get you into a lot of trouble, so stay clear of this option. The only legitimate way to source Apple products wholesale is by filling out an application here: To be approved, you need to have retail premises and sales figures of more than $100,000, among other requirements.

To new sellers, this will seem rather depressing. Does this mean you are unable to have your share of the Apple pie? Well, first of all, let's take a look at exactly how profitable the business of selling Apple products on eBay actually is.

The iPad was first released in the USA, so the only way people in other parts of the world could get their hands on an iPad initially was to buy one on eBay.

What you find in this situation is that newly released, hyped up products will actually sell for more than the recommended retail price during this time, as people are so desperate to get their hands on one they will pay pretty much pay whatever it takes.

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There were reports of iPads selling for a $300-$600 premium to buyers in the UAE, Russia and Europe in the first few heady days following its launch.

Businesses who are Apple resellers can make a killing on eBay during these few weeks. And so can individuals reselling their own iPads.

Although it's not at all encouraged by Apple, one option open to new sellers is hitting the retail stores and buying up some iPads to resell on eBay to overseas buyers.However, as I said, this is seriously frowned upon by Apple, so you need to be very discreet about it.

Once the launch fuss dies down, what you will notice is that the supply of iPads on eBay quickly catches up with global demand, and profit margins will stabilize and often fall significantly.

Cashing in on a product launch is a very short-term strategy, especially if you are not an authorized Apple reseller. After the market normalizes, Apple products actually aren't all that fabulous to sell things online.

Yes they remain high status, 'hot' products - but you'd be amazed if you knew how little some sellers were making from each Apple product they sold.

I'm going to let you in on a trade secret: Apple are known for keeping margins tight on all their products, to avoid retailers discounting Apple products or engaging in price wars.

Another thing you might be interested to know is that Apple doesn't offer volume discounts, not even to their authorized resellers.

In other words, even though Apple products like the iPad will continue to appear in the top 10 most searched for products on eBay, they aren't making these eBay sellers rich. 

apple ipad supplierOf course, you will continue to notice lots of sellers offering iPads anyway, and that may cause you to wonder just what is going on!

One reason why many sellers continue to sell Apple products on eBay is simply because being seen to sell the latest items does their overall selling credibility a lot of good.

Another is that PowerSellers use Apple products as bait to draw buyers in to view their other items for sale that they do make a decent profit margin on.

Once you understand this, you'll realize that although selling Apple iPads can seem like a brilliant way to make money on eBay, it's not really what it seems - at least, not after the launch rush is over.

However, the good news is that there are another couple of ways you can profit from the iPad craze.

1. By selling iPad and Apple accessories

You don't need to be an authorized Apple reseller to legitimately sell iPad and Apple accessories, and they are fairly easy to source from US based wholesalers. The profit margins are also pretty good.

2. Selling refurbished or liquidated Apple iPads

Another great way new sellers can source Apple iPads cheaply is by purchasing refurbished or liquidated items.

Sites like are a good place to get refurbished iPads, customer returns and other Apple products and accessories.

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