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How to Source Wholesale Watches

wholesale watches sourcingLike anything else out there that you can possibly sell, watches are up there with one of the more profitable items on the list.

The way that you are going to make a profit is by choosing the best company to source your watches from. There are thousands of watch sellers around the world. In your country alone, there are probably thousands.

It is a very big industry and only seems to be growing. There are many ways that you could go about finding a ebay wholesale supplier to source to.

If you already know the brands of watches that you are wanting to sell, do a simple search of the brand name, wholesale and trade show (breitling watches + wholesale + trade show ) which will lead you to a trade show that they will have a booth at.

The first thing that I would do is to attend a trade show for watches and jewelry. When you go to a trade show, you are able to talk directly to the representative at the booth and he can answer all of your questions.

The questions that you are going to need to ask are;

* How long have they been in business?
* Who do they use for a courier?
* Are they registered and certified?
* Do they have any third-party references?

buy wholesale watches onlineAs you talk to them in person, there will be more questions and answers that arise. But don't think that they are not going to have questions for you also.

This is a partnership. It costs time and money for them to set up accounts with eBay store owners and other retailers. If you don't seem like you are going to be profitable to them, they might not choose to work with you.

You wouldn't go to a job interview unprepared, so don't approach a wholesale or manufacturer that way. You are going to need to be prepared and to deliver all of your relevant business information to them as well.

You need to give them all of your contact information, business statistics and website analytics, your state tax ID and any other pertinent information that may help them make a decision on you.

When you are dealing with a watch wholesaler, they want to be sure that you are up to par on your end of the deal. Many times stores and retailers that sell watches are going to have to get registered to sell certain brand names.

***HOT TIP***

If you want more information on dealing with suppliers and negotiating fantastic deals with them, check out:

When you are doing your research to find a good trade show to find the best wholesalers for your particular niche, you'll probably find that the biggest and best are in New York City and in Los Angeles.

This is because these are the two biggest ports for international trade. But they could also be in other cities. It will be up to you to go online and research.

Its best practice to research companies before you approach them and try to get anything from them. What I would suggest is to find a distributor who is selling the watches that you want to sell and ask them for a reference or two.

It's not that hard to ask around in the watch industry and get a few good names of companies that seem to be making other stores and retailers money.

Be sure that when you go to these trade shows, online forums, and brand name websites, that you sign up for their mailing list so that you can keep informed on any changes that happen within the watch industry.



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