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How to Source Wholesale Transformers Toys

wholesale toys vendorThere are certain markets on eBay that are always popular, where you can usually make some money - one of these is toys.

Throughout the years, and especially at Christmas, the demand for the latest traditional and electronic toys, for kids of all ages, means a huge number of customers ready to spend their money and one of the best products to sell items online.

One of the biggest success stories recently, partly due to the movies, cartoons and the innovative and interactive toys that are available has been Transformers.

Transformers have been around for a while, but they are enjoying a surge in demand. If you're looking to develop your eBay toy business, or simply make hay while the sun shines, how do you source wholesale Transformers toys?

As with any branded goods you are trying to buy from wholesalers in Japan, China, Taiwan, etc., you face the usual challenges.

You need to make sure that the ebay wholesale supplier you've found can supply genuine products, not cheap fakes and imitations. You need to be able to buy these genuine products at a price that means you will make a profit.

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You could try using the wholesale listing directories, like Alibaba or eSources, to find a supplier.

If you use some of the main directories, who verify the wholesalers on their list, this will go someway to making sure your Far East supplier is a genuine business, although you still have no guarantee that they are supplying genuine Transformer toys.

You might prefer to look for a local supplier from these directories. That way you don't have the hassle of getting the toys into the country, plus you can go and visit them more easily, to check them, and the product, out.

However, your margins are probably not going to be as good.

Another option might be to approach the manufacturer and distributor directly. Transformer toys are manufactured by a toy company in Japan called TakaraTomy (although they are better known in the west as Tomy).

The original Japanese toys weren't called transformers, it was when Hasbro came on board, to distribute the toys outside of Japan, that they rebranded them for the western markets they were going to supply.

It might take some time and patience, but if you contacted TakaraTomy, you could ask for a list of their authorised wholesalers.

These wholesalers could be based in Japan, Taiwan or China, and you would still need to import the toys, but at least you could be sure you are getting genuine Transformer toys at wholesale prices.

supplier for wholesale toysThe only downside might be that, because they are used to dealing with large retailers, the minimum order quantity might be so high that you need to invest a significant amount in your stock to make it worthwhile.

You could also try contacting the Hasbro offices in your country to ask them the same question.

Sometimes, these toy companies prefer to work with retailers who have physical stores to sell from, but most accept that online sales are growing, so working with these types of retailers is going to become more necessary.

Find out who the authorised wholesalers in your country are, and get in touch.

Another way to find genuine wholesalers is to let them find you.

You can use sites like TradeKey to advertise your need for Transformer toys, and if any of the thousands of wholesalers who use the site to look for potential deals see you request, they will get in touch.

So the supplier you've been looking for could come to you.

Whenever you are searching for a supplier of branded goods, it can take some time and energy to find a legitimate wholesaler, with genuine goods, and Transformers toys are no different.

However, if you can get a good supplier, offering good prices, like anything that usually takes a bit of effort, it could be worth it.

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