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How to Source Wholesale Tennis Equipment

wholesale tennis equipmentIt's often said that there's big money in sport, so selling sports equipment on eBay could be a very profitable business to be in. Some sports are always popular and have plenty of manufacturers promoting the very latest products for you to sell.

Take tennis, for example, not only is there a market for racquets, shoes and other equipment, there is also a demand for a lot of the clothing and fashions that have grown out of the sport.

To start selling tennis equipment, you're going to need to find a reliable wholesaler.

The tennis market is almost completely brand driven, so you need a supplier who can provide you with genuine equipment, at a reasonable wholesale price so you can make a profit.

With most of the equipment manufacturers being based in the Far East, finding a wholesaler out there with genuine products is easier said than done.

So how do you avoid being ripped off, and source genuine branded items that are in demand, and will make you money?

dropshipping wholesalers

One way to reduce the hassle and the risk would be to use a dropshipper. These wholesalers supply the goods direct to your customers, and you only have to pay them once you've received the customers money.

However, you still need to make sure the goods are genuine, so you should place a trial order with the dropshipper you want to use, and see what the product is like, as well as the service.

If they are supplying imitation goods, or even genuine goods but their service is poor, it will reflect badly on you.

If you do find a wholesaler you can use, their prices might not be as low as other wholesalers, so less risk may mean you make less profit.

There are a number of benefits to trying to source a local wholesaler supplier.

They will already have established contacts with the manufacturers, and should be able to supply you with genuine products at reasonably discounted prices.

You won't have to worry about all the import duties and taxes, as the goods will already be in your country, plus if they are local, you should be able to go and visit them to check them out and negotiate a deal face to face.

Another approach, to make sure you get genuine branded racquets and shoes, and as low a wholesale price as possible, is to speak to the brand owner themselves.

If you speak to the sales department of Wilson, Head, Babolat or any of the other major brands, and explain that you are an online reseller, they should provide you with a list of their authorised wholesalers.

You might need to be persistent and persuasive to get this information, but if the company wants to make more sales, it's in their interest to help you.

tennis equipment supplierOnce you've got a list of authorised suppliers, you can be sure that the products will be genuine, and you just need to negotiate a good deal. One way to get the best margins on products, and make sure you are getting what you paid for, is to go and visit the manufacturing sites in the Far East.

This might not be possible for everyone, but if you are a specialist tennis reseller and your market is demanding more and more product, checking the suppliers out in person, verifying the products, and negotiating a good deal, could prove to be quite profitable.

Then you just need to get the manufacturer to ship the items (or get an agent to do it for you), sort out the import taxes, and you have your stock ready to sell.

When you're selling tennis equipment online, you need to make sure your supplier is providing you with genuine merchandise, or it could have serious implications for your business.

Getting the latest, branded equipment at a price that will make you money can be hard. As an alternative option, consider selling slightly out of date models instead.

The major manufacturers change their lines every 3-6 months, so buying the previous stock might be easier, cheaper, and still mean you can make a good profit.

As with any branded goods you are sourcing, you just need to make sure you research your suppliers, verify your products, and negotiate the best deal - and remember, if someone offers you a deal that's too good to be true, it probably is.

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