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How to Source Wholesale Sunglasses

sourcing for sunglassesI have probably had to buy sunglasses over forty times in my lifetime. It's just one of those accessory items that people lose as they travel and move about their everyday life.

So the issue now is where do we find sunglasses that we want to sell on eBay? There are thousands of websites on the internet that you can source fashionable and functional sunglasses from.

It would take you weeks to sift through all the companies that want to sell you glasses.

I would approach this issue with analyzing the common items within your store. Are you primarily selling sunglasses, or are you adding these as an accessory item because you have a fashion store?

If sunglasses are just an add-on to the store and you just need between 50-100 pairs to see how the addition pans out, then going through the extensive research is probably going to exhaust you more than anything.

If this is the case, I'd be comfortable just looking online at some wholesale sunglasses websites that successfully checks off on my mandatory checklist.

* References 
* Registered Company 
* Safe payment options like PayPal and credit card

Of course, those three items are the bare bones checklist and I actually would advise you to check into pricing and deliveries.

But 90% of the websites that I looked up for sunglasses seem to cover those 3 basic needs. On the other side of the coin, if you have a store where your primary focus is on sunglasses then you need to take this a bit further.

wholesale suppliers for sun glassesIt's time to start looking into going to trade shows. In cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York and Las Vegas there are year-round trade shows that are famous for their extravagance in exhibitions.

If you attend one of these shows in any of those major cities, you are definitely going to find what you need to accommodate what your store.

If you can't make it to trade shows, then just go onto the websites of the trade shows and order their magazines. These magazines are distributed in just about every area of the United States and they're simple to get.

In the trade show magazines there is going to be plenty of information about wholesaling sunglasses and all the contact information of the biggest and most reliable companies.

But I always recommend that people go directly to the source if they are able to.

I believe that if you are serious about your business then you will go to the ends of the Earth to make the best decisions based on the people that you meet and the services that they provide.

The biggest shipments that come from China go directly to two ports in New York City and in Los Angeles. So if you can, go there. Here is the link that you can register for the largest sunglasses expo in the world.

One thing that you are going to have to look out for are companies selling counterfeit sunglasses. In the sunglasses industry, this seems to be a major buster of businesses.

People understand that designer glasses sell and they want to confuse the consumers by adding the same logos and identical frames.

It will be up to you to check for those three basic criteria to cover your own legalities and to ensure that you have sourced from a reliable and legit wholesaler.

Like the other products I have discussed, sunglasses are a big seller on eBay. Did you know that a pair of men's sunglasses is sold every 33 seconds on eBay?


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