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How to Source Wholesale Jewelry

wholesale jewelryJewelry is a hugely exciting niche on eBay. It incorporates rings and necklaces, body jewelry, costume jewelry and fashion jewelry too.

Best of all, it's easy to find fantastic jewelry suppliers, and because jewelry is so small and lightweight, it's cheap to ship!

The first thing that you need to do is to decide which jewelry you think is best for your niche and hunt for a jewelry supplier that is already getting their jewelry worldwide.

Most, if not all, jewelry is already imported from several different countries. But that doesn't mean that you can't work with a wholesaler in your own country for cheaper prices either.

Many companies understand the need for jewelry and they want to set up wholesale shops for themselves as well. It is about time that you follow suit and begin doing it yourself.

A good supplier that you are looking for will already know what is popular or trendy to help you in your search.

You are looking for the companies that are dealers. You need to be looking for trade shows, trade fairs, jewelry exhibitions, etc. You are not trying to get mixed up in the down line of them actually making the jewelry.


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importing jewelry from wholesalersWhen you look into sourcing jewelry there are some considerations to make. For example: Where is the company from?

Jewelry is literally made from all over the world. It usually ends up in the hands of the binders - the ones who do the finishing touches on them.

These are the wholesalers that collect the materials from India, China, Egypt, etc., and make them look pretty and presentable to the public. Are they registered?

There are strict policies on jewelry wholesalers that need to abide by their countries legislation so that they don't get in trouble. The last thing that you want to do is buy jewelry from a company that is not supervised.

Do they have any third party references? Work with a wholesaler that someone else that is selling jewelry has worked with before.

Understand that when countries overseas contact these wholesalers and manufacturers, that the legal recourse can be difficult. Countries like the US, UK, Canada and Australia can be easy, but other places like India and Mexico can prove more difficult.

I would simply ask the eBay wholesaler for advice. Many wholesalers have the inside information on what is selling great in other countries but has not been released yet in yours.

And also, it turns out that many of these wholesalers have a faster delivery service to clients over the oceans than in their own countries.

This is because they already have their items in bulk and when they attend domestic trade shows, they only carry a few on hand.

My best advice is to find the products that you wish to sell, find the company that sells them, and then cover your legal backings as you progress through a business relationship with them.

Even though many companies are regulated, we are still talking about jewelry here.



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