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How to Source Wholesale Electronics

buy wholesale electronicsDid you know that there are around 1.7 million listings in the Electronics category on eBay on any given day? Not only that, but 1 mp3 player is sold every 18 seconds, and 1 cell phone every 6 seconds!

Suffice to say, electronics are a big hit on eBay. This leaves us to the question of how to source wholesale electronics. You are going to find out that this process is yet again pretty obvious and simple.

Electronics distribution is huge and highly profitable. This is a very fierce market. Who wouldn't want to be the top eBay store that sells the newest phones, audio equipment,and wireless devices, etc?

The world is obsessed with the cyclic revolution of handheld gadgets and more companies are expanding how they do business to reach into these markets.

There are a few things that you must do in order to successfully get into this game, by finding how to source wholesale suppliers in electronics.

Do your research. Finding the right supplier is really the majority of the battle. If you do not have a good company that delivers a quality service then your business will suffer greatly.

Other than having a great company that you get wholesale electronics from, the rest is really maintenance and marketing.

I live by the mentality that if people are already being successful with a company that they've already sourced out to, then why not go with what works instead of taking a chance on unfamiliar names and websites?

buying wholesale electronicsOne of the best ways to find a respectable wholesaler is to go to trade shows. This is where you actually meet the people that you are going to be doing business with.

Trade shows are held regularly all over the world. The main benefit of attending these is to get up close and personal with some of the best suppliers in the industry.

Another benefit is getting access to some of the latest gadgets and electronic products. This is very important in the electronics business, as it is forever evolving, and your buyers will always be keen to buy hot-off-the-conveyor-belt products.

When looking for eBay wholesale suppliers online, it is highly encouraged, to ask around in forums for advice and recommendations for companies that are proficient with the type of electronics that you would like to sell on eBay.

Research and get recommendations for 10-15 wholesalers. Write down their website URLs and take a good look around their sites. If necessary, join up to these sites so that you can login and view their wholesale prices.

You cannot judge a wholesaler on the prices they show on their homepage, these are often much higher than what you will pay when you buy in bulk.

When you are exploring these sites, there should be little icons in a corner of the page that if you click on them will show you that the business is honored and registered with a legitimate organization.

It might be the BBB, VeriSign, HonestE, McAfee, etc. If you are going to do business with someone, it's always a good idea to make sure that all their credentials are up to date and guaranteed.

That's the number one reason why people get ripped off doing when sourcing producsts, it's because they fail to do a simple background check.

Another security check is to see which payment methods they accept. PayPal and payment by credit card are the best in terms of offering your protection. Suppliers only accepting wire transfers or Western Union should be avoided.

After you narrow down your search, you are going to choose and keep the top 3 that you like. The criteria for the ones that you like should be cost, quality of product, and timely deliveries.

If the company that you like is lacking even one of those, do not go after them. There are so many companies out there that are flawless, you should not sacrifice anything for your business.


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