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How To Import Wholesale Handbags

sourcing for wholesale handbags onlineHandbags are a highly popular item among eBay buyers. When you are building your store with handbags there are some important bits of advice you should follow to make the most positive experience out of your importing process.

If you do that the rest will be much easier and you will be on your way to starting an eBay store that offers some of the most amazing handbags at the best prices out there.

The keys to learning how to import wholesale handbags are to research your options, realize the best buys, and build rapport with the wholesaler.

By covering these 3 important basics, you will be well on your way to handbag sourcing success!

Research your options!

There are hundreds of handbag eBay wholesalers located in different countries across the world. That gives you a wide variety of options when it comes to making the right choice in supplier.

It can be overwhelming choosing one supplier out of a list of hundreds, so narrow down your wholesaler choices to approximately 3 to 5 different ones.

Ask each of them for information on the wholesale process, what they provide, and what they recommend. Then you can compare their answers. Each one should have some common elements between the information they give.

If you do not get cooperation or helpful information from one of the wholesalers they are probably not a good option to go with.

In the end you should try to develop relationships with a few wholesalers in case one of them goes out of business, or you don't end up liking the professional relationship you have built with them.

Realize the best buys!

get reliable wholesale handbag suppliers onlineThere is a very good chance that the import wholesalers you decide to go with will offer similar products or even the same ones. This is where you can really start to research the price point per unit.

Make sure you also check out the pricing of the shipping costs, plus any other costs such as account fees which some suppliers require.

If you are getting an extremely low price point per unit you could be getting an extremely high shipping cost. To realize the best buys you need to factor in per unit costs, customs, and shipping charges.

The formula is easy to do and is essential for a financially favorable transaction. Without totaling each of these costs, you cannot accurately predict the profit you will make form each sale.

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Build rapport with the wholesaler!

Having a positive relationship with your wholesaler is a great way to make sure that you always receive the most preferred pricing for them. You may even have the first opportunity to purchase new products.

When you are importing handbags you will have an opportunity to build business relationships with wholesalers from around the world.

There will be communication barriers at times. Make sure that you are working with potential wholesales respectfully and not insultingly.

What you may consider standard practice can sometimes be offensive to people from other countries.

Established import wholesalers have learned how to work with their prospective clients too from all over the world, and some will have sales people who will speak fluent English which will make life much easier for both of you.

Because handbags are a so popular on eBay, many handbag wholesalers from all over the world want to build relationships with people who have eBay businesses.

They know that a positive partnership with an eBay entrepreneur can be a winning situation for everybody.

With research and due diligence, investigating the best buys, and building rapport with wholesalers you can develop a fabulously priced online store for handbags.

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