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Finding Wholesale Products to Sell on eBay

finding products to sell on ebayTens of thousands of people who opt for a home based business chose eBay selling as their first option. To successfully sell on eBay, you need a reliable wholesale supplier from whom to buy the products you’re going to sell on eBay.

Successful eBay selling is a combination of many things: legitimate wholesale suppliers that are reliable, good market research, adequate promotion, among others.

So where can a seller find wholesale products to sell on eBay? Quite frankly, you can get wholesale products from wholesalers. However, where do you find legitimate, reliable wholesale suppliers?

There are mainly two ways you can find wholesale suppliers. One is through search engines, and the second way is by using a wholesale directory publisher to search for reliable suppliers.

Search Engines

The search engine method is pretty straight forward. You type in a few keywords related to the wholesale product you’re looking for and a list of related results is returned. While it’s easy to search for wholesalers this way, it is not very reliable and eats up a lot more time to search for a wholesaler that meets your specific needs.

Search engines are flooded with fake ‘wholesale’ websites and if you’re not keen enough, you can easily be scammed. Usually, a fake supplier will pretend to be a legitimate wholesaler when in fact he’s a middleman, if not a scam artist. Other websites use the name ‘Dealer Networks’ and present themselves as legitimate representatives for hundreds of leading brand names.

Whereas not all these ‘wholesalers’ are scammers, the majority make their money by acting as middlemen between you and the real distributors. This means that the mark up on products will be higher (as the middlemen inflate the prices) and your profit margins will be slim.

There are also hundreds of worthless lists flying around various websites. They might appear real and make all sorts of promises – from instant success to unmatched wholesale prices, etc. In reality, they will take your money and give you absolutely useless information that only leads you to one middleman after another.

Searching for wholesalers on eBay itself is similar to search engines as it’s also overwhelmed with middlemen.

The truth is that finding wholesale suppliers using search engines is simply time consuming and if you’re a serious seller, consider the second method below.

Wholesale Directory Publishers

searching for products to sell on ebayWholesale directory publishers are the most reliable sources of genuine wholesale suppliers. In fact, when sourcing for products to sell specifically on eBay, look for wholesale directory publishers that have been certified by eBay.

Besides a list of wholesale companies (such as Dropshippers), wholesale directory publishers provide advanced tools to help you carry out market research on the most profitable products.

You will be put directly in touch with real wholesalers who will supplier products at wholesale prices and this is the only way you can make descent profits on eBay.

This is your best option of finding wholesale products to sell on eBay because it is practically impossible to contact every wholesaler out there by phone or email and ask if they can do business with you. use a wholesale directory publisher to identify a wholesaler that meets your specific needs.

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