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What to Do if Your Buyer's Goods Don't Arrive

problems in shippingWith millions of packages being sent daily, it's not uncommon for them to go missing from time to time. As a seller, the trouble is that dealing with a missing package, and an irate buyer who wants their item can take up a great deal of your time.

Here are just a couple of tips for getting through this tough situation when selling on eBay. You should always be proactive when dealing with missing items so that you can maintain a good feedback score.

(However do keep in mind that if it is completely beyond your control, your feedback score will not suffer).

Keep in mind that eBay has a strict policy that makes it the sellers responsibility to get the package to the buyer. For this reason, it is recommended that you use shipping insurance for more valuable items.

While you will have to pay for insurance, it's a worthy cost as it ensures that you will have the cost of the item covered if it does go missing.

This is particularly important for sellers of valuable items such as jewelry. When an item does go missing, the first thing that you need to check is the tracking number for the package that is in question.

Not only will this number tell you where the item is, it also provides proof of delivery right away to calm any worries that the buyer might have. If the package really is in transit and the issue is with the delivery courier, eBay will ask the buyer to wait until the courier gets there.

refunding your ebay customerOn the other hand, if you cannot provide a tracking number with this information you will be asked to offer a refund. Often it is best to refund the buyer, and carry out the dispute with the courier on your own time.

You can offer the buyer to purchase the item once again when you have retrieved it. Buyers are usually very reasonable. They understand that packages do go missing, and as long as you are professional and upfront, they will not penalize you will bad feedback.

All refunds should be paid in full and include the shipping costs you charged the buyer. You can refund your buyer via PayPal, or however the buyer chooses.

Whatever the case, eBay wants you to make sure that the buyer is happy. If you feel like you received the short end of the stick, than have Customer Service review the case.

When you agree to issue a refund, you have 3 days to send the money. eBay will send the refund if you don't to protect the buyer.

If you don't resolve the issue, eBay will get their money - believe me. They will handle the case for the buyer and then they will punish you for being negligent by the methods above.

Just be sure that you protect yourself by always using a tracking number.

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