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Tips to Make Higher Profits on eBay

how to increase profits in ebayThe ultimate way to increase your eBay profits is to reduce costs and expenses as much as you can. There are various fees you have to pay before selling on eBay, and if you’re not careful, they could easily eat into your profits.

Here are the top five eBay secrets to help you make higher profits.

Save on Scheduling and Photo Hosting Fees

Almost every eBay seller pays two types of fees that can be avoided altogether. First, there’s the photo hosting fee.

You’re only allowed one free photo per listing, after which you pay 15 cents for every additional photo. This can easily add up if you use more than 3 photos per listing. The second type of fee is the scheduling fee.

When you schedule a particular auction for given time, you are charged 10 cents. Almost every seller uses the scheduling service, unless you can get your timing right when launching your auctions.

When you use an auction listing service, you can greatly reduce on these costs, or totally do away with some. Auctiva is one of the free hosting and listing services out there but you may be limited on services and features. There are dozens of other low cost listing services that offer value for money.

Use a Credit Card with a Cash Back Program to Pay Your eBay fees

While this may not be regarded as an eBay secret, it is a free money source that many people pass up. Certain credit cards offer cash back programs. Check and see whether you have one, which can easily give you anywhere between 1.5 to 3 percent credit back to your card.

It’s also possible to get airline points but the cash option is better for sellers. With a card that pays 2.5 to 3 percent cash-back credit, you can easily save over $600 in fees a year.

Watch Your Insertion Fees

eBay uses a tiered pricing structure for insertion fees. Pay attention to this. It will cost you about 55 cents when you price an item between $10 and $24.99. Then for an item between $25 and $49, it will cost $1.

This is where you need to get your analysis right. Find out if it makes business sense to price your items in the lower tier to pay less insertion fees. Of course when the item sells, you’ll have saved on insertion fees if you priced it lower.

Be Selective When Using Listing Upgrades

An important eBay secret is to experiment with any feature for which you have to pay to make sure it makes economic sense. Listing upgrades can be costly. eBay will charge you to highlight, use the bold feature or enlarge your photos, among other upgrades.

To experiment with upgrade, run listings with upgrades and ones without upgrades and establish whether using upgrades has any positive effect on sales. Using these upgrades may not matter for certain product types.

Use The Fixed Price Feature for Listing

For just 15 cents, you can list items in the books, music and movie categories at fixed prices for 30 days. Other categories cost 35 cents. Some categories may have higher final value fees and some may have cheaper fees but fixed items are displayed in search while store listings are not.

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