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Tips for Packing Your Items for Sale

packing your items for saleHow you package your items that you are sending to buyers can mean the difference between good and bad feedback being placed. Even more importantly, good  packaging can encourage repeat buyers.

Here are 5 essential tips to make sure that your packaging is always top notch.

1) Pack your items carefully. One of the most disheartening scenarios for a buyer is when they eagerly anticipate the arrival of their item they bought, only to tear it open and find that it was broken during transit. Give yourself plenty of time to carefully pack items.

If you are selling multiple identical items, pack them up cautiously when you have plenty of time to do it properly. Just make sure you leave a couple out so that if buyers ask questions, you don't need to unravel them to check them out.

**Packing Tip** Make bubble wrap your new best friend. It's usually cheaper to buy a bulk roll on bubble wrap, and thin, non-padded bags and do it yourself. This shipping tip for eBay sellers has help saved countless items from damage and profits for business owners.

2) Double check your buyer's address. Customers don't have a lot of patience. When you tell them to expect their item within 3-5 business days, that's what they expect, and it's up to you to ensure that that happens.

If you have an address that is out in the middle of nowhere or is very unusual, confirm with the buyer that that address is the best one for deliveries. If you predict that delivery may be slow due to their location, let the buyer know as soon as possible. They will appreciate your honesty.

how to pack your items to ship to your customers3) Choose the right tape. There are two types of tape that you should only use when sending boxes; clear packaging tape or the brown packaging tape. Do not use duct tape, masking tape, cello tape, cord, string, twine, anything that makes the box appear unprofessional.

4) Keep the Tracking ID. The very last thing that you need is for your package to go missing.FedEx and UPS report a loss of 1 in every 8K-10K packages becoming lost and unaccounted for. USPS's numbers for missing packages are much higher.

Keep organized and file every tracking number to reduce lost products. Chasing after lost packages detracts from your more important task of chasing after new buyers!

5) Include marketing material in your packages. What a great opportunity to reach the customer and their family by placing some brochures and item descriptions from your eBay listings. Add a business card, a brochure or featured items, and any upcoming items that you plan on adding to the store.

***Bonus Tip*** Email your buyer as soon as you have sent their item. They will be very eager to hear that their item is on its way. Also email them a few days after it should have arrived. Buyers will appreciate the post-sale support, and the courtesy of you contacting them. This helps build trust and get repeat sales from exisiting customers.

Remember that your best customers are your returning customers. If you provide them with good service, they will remember and find you again when they need an item you stock. If you manage to pull these 5 tips off successfully, there should be no problem getting return customers.

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