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Tips for Getting Repeat Customers Online

drawing repeat customers to your websiteThe real secret to getting repeat customers is to do everything perfectly to provide them with a memorable experience. The truth is that customers expect perfection because they are putting their hard-earned money in the hands of strangers.

The way that they will do business with you again on a repetitive basis is if that transaction proved to be successful and pleasant. Here are a few tips to increase your chances that will help make repeat sales online with a customer. Remember that your best customer is your repeat customer!

1) Be personal. Put some character into your eBay stores. Statistics have shown over and over again that people would rather buy from other people - not just a website.

If you personalize your efforts as best as possible, you should come off as someone that they could trust to do a sale with. For a start, you can make use of eBay's about me page to add in some details.

2) Have a flawless delivery program. You need to accept the fact that most people who buy items on the internet tend to be impatient.

If, for some reason, you have packages that are delayed or come to the customer with something different from normal shipping and handling procedures, than that is an automatic lost customer.

3) Make it look like the picture. Your buyers are not able to touch and feel the texture of the items that they are buying. If you have the item that lands on their doorstep look and feel as they had imagined when browsing in your eBay store, than they will expect that in the future and return.

4) Expand your marketing. Every box that is mailed to the customer should have your contact details for your store. It should be easy to get to as well.

One marketing practice is to not only send materials when they get their package, but to also keep their address and send them reminders to keep jog their memory of how you appreciate their business and encourage them to see the current holiday sales that you are having.

***HOT TIP***

repeated customers to your websiteOne of the best ways that you can attract past buyers back to your store is through post-sale email marketing. Many eBay store owners use this technique, and absolutely swear by it.

It's pretty simple really, you regularly email your list when you get new stock, notify them of sales or issue them with coupons or discount vouchers for their next purchase.

This works a real treat, but to really expand your list and market to even more keen buyers, you need to make your email marketing list even bigger by adding more potential buyers to it.

5) Stand out from the crowd. There are a lot of eBay stores out there. There may be even a lot out there that sell the exact same lines of items that you are selling.

This is a time to be creative and take advantage of all the tools that are available and throw a curveball into the mix. People become complacent with their marketing and the presence of their stores becomes just a a job.

Have the customer see that you enjoy your store and it is not a sale but an experience. That's what the majority of sales actually are - an experience or a feeling that the customer yearned for.

If you manage to accomplish and maintain these 5 simple measures, I am willing to bet that you will see customers return. Think about the places that you visit and are a regular customer.

What are the features and amenities that those businesses offer to keep you coming back? I'll bet one of them is the quality of the brand that they have.

Really brainstorm and ask this as a serious question in the eyes of a consumer and as a business owner.

The overall consensus is that you need to be consistent with your efforts and make it a pleasurable experience.  As long as you consistently enhance the quality of your company, or your eBay store, you will see that customers will come back.

Maybe next time they won't only return, but do something even better - bring a friend.

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