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The Myths and Magic of eBay Drop-shipping Vendors

magic of ebay dropshippingDropshipping has for a long time been touted as an eBay seller’s dream business model. There’s a lot of information and resources about dropshipping for eBay but most of it only talks about the benefits.

It’s true that dropshipping can make selling on eBay seamless. Without the need to maintain physical stock and handle the shipping of items, dropshipping is indeed magic for sellers.

Your only role as a seller is to write auction listings of the items in the dropshipper’s inventory, notify them when an item sells, and pass on the payment – less your profit.

Your profit is the difference between the price you agree on with the buyer and the price that the dropshipper sells the item, which is a near-wholesale price. They (dropshippers) handle all the packaging and delivery to the customer.

But is it all rosy with dropshipping on eBay? let’s look at both its magic and myths.

The Magic

The fact that there’s no physical handling of products – storage, packing and carrying to the post for shipping – means that much of the hassle of eBay selling is eliminated. Most importantly, you don’t need money upfront to buy stock, and so you don’t need to worry about storage space.

That also cuts out the risk of investing in things that might not sell, not to mention not having to deal with suppliers. Doesn’t this all seem too good to be true? It probably is but not all that glitters is gold.

The Myths

myths of dropshippingFirstly, not every seller can work with dropshippers because there are certain conditions that must be met before a dropshipper agrees to work with you.

The minimum requirement is a registered business with a tax ID. There are hundreds of scammers who claim that they can work with any seller even if they are not registered businesses. Beware of these ones. If they ship the items to the buyers, they’re likely to be poor quality products but most probably, they will take the money and disappear.

There are many others who will ask for a fee to link you up with a reputable dropshipper, but all these are scammers.

To find good dropshippers, go out and look for them. Don’t sit behind your computer and think everything will fall into place simply by typing a few search terms.

The Reality

While you may be told that dropshipping prices are near-wholesale, the truth is that the margin is pretty slim for the most part. Another fact you need to contend with is that you’ll not be able to do physical inspection of the stock prior to shipping; therefore, your descriptions may not be spot on.

Also, you and your dropshipper might have different values regarding customer service, so be ready for some infuriating experiences when they fail to deliver to a customer in time and you learn from the customer days later.

Bottom line is that dropshipping can be lucrative and hassle free if you get it right. Start by finding a reputable, trustworthy dropshipping company and work on the rest with them.

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