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The Good and The Bad Of Drop Shipping

People have many different opinions about drop shipping. For many eBay sellers, it is the only way they can start out in the wholesale buying industry.

It offers many benefits, but also a few drawbacks. Before you decide whether drop shipping is the right product sourcing method for you, read this quick list of the all the good and bad points.

The Good:

* When you drop ship items, they are sent directly from your supplier to your buyer. This means that you only pay for shipping once, making it a much more affordable way to send large items than other

methods of product sourcing. Eliminating the extra costs of shipping can make you much more competitive on the eBay market.

* The merchandise is packaged by professionals. The way they wrap, crate, and transport the item is excellent.

When the shipment is received it will most likely be in the same condition as when it was sent. This is good for buyers and sellers on eBay.

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* Because no investment is required on your part, you can try out new niche items risk-free, and see how they sell on eBay. If they are successful, you will feel much more confident about buying a wholesale lot of them.

* You do not need to store a large volume of items. Again, because your drop ship supplier sends your items directly, you don't need to rent a storage unit or warehouse. Or at the very least, you won't need to clog up your wardrobe with stock!

The Bad:

* It can take a long time for a buyer to receive their item. Often drop shippers will not send items out as quickly as you might.

This can cause buyers to feel anxious, especially if they are new to buying online. You may be bombarded with frantic emails from buyers who are keen to get their item as soon as possible.

* It can be difficult to monitor where drop ship items are when they are in route. They may be going by plane, train, or truck - perhaps a combination of all three.

While more drop ship companies have started to use sophisticated tracking systems they are not always current and real time.

This can make it difficult for you to give buyers an accurate estimate of when their item is due to arrive.

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* If you are sending or receiving an internationally drop shipped item the customs process can be very time consuming and difficult to get through.

Good drop ship companies should have excellent advice on what you can do to help the process run more smoothly.

* If you need to return a drop ship item it is a larger financial burden for that return than small package returns are.

It takes more time and work to coordinate efforts than if you can just go to a mailing center to return something.

Drop shipping has really opened up the doors for a lot of eBay sellers. It's a unique method which really breaks down many of the barriers that sellers face.

Whether you are looking at purchasing or selling a large item, drop shipping is the most logical choice to check out first.

It can be very affordable and usually ensures a safe delivery. You just have to evaluate if you can wait for its arrival during a certain time frame.

Just make sure you don't drop the ball by not considering drop shipping.



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