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Seven Ways To Streamline Your eBay Business

how to streamline your ebay businessOf the thousands and thousands of eBay sellers, only a handful can claim to be enormously successful. The majority of sellers barely manage marginal profits to keep their eBay businesses afloat and hope that the future will be brighter.

But why is it that some sellers are very successful while others are not? The fact is that without a streamlined eBay business, you will quickly fall behind the competition and this reflects in the meager profits you earn.

Streamlining your eBay business is all about making the selling process smooth and simplifying the buying process for the buyer as well.

Here are seven ways to streamline your eBay business.

1. Spell Out Your Payment terms Clearly

The majority of queries from new eBay buyers generally revolve around payment terms and methods. Therefore, spell out your payment terms clearly and endeavor to provide a variety of payment options on top of PayPal. The only method of contention for most eBay sellers is accepting checks. Tracking checks can eat into your precious time especially if you make a large number of sales per day.

2. Have Your Products Properly Organized

When you list a physical item on eBay, you have to look for good packaging material so that you can dispatch it as soon as it is paid for. However, this is often a major cause of delay if the products in your inventory are not well organized. Therefore, ensure that you can easily access an item from your stock and find packaging for it as soon as it is bought.

3. List Your Products en masse

There are a number of seller tools that can help you reduce the amount of hours you have to spend on the eBay website. Choose a good seller program to automatically list and re-list your items, send out email notifications to your buyers as well as yourself, and a host of other tasks that would otherwise consume time. Nearly all successful sellers use such tools to streamline their selling business.

4. Keep Your Accounts Up-to-Date

keeping accounts up to dateYou realize that PayPal statements are kept only up to 3 months yet you might need them when doing your annual accounting.

So, print out your monthly statements for any payments you make and receive, and keep them safe somewhere in a file or in an excel sheet on a backup hard-drive.

5. Set a fixed time To deliver customer Packages to the Post

Any serious seller has a fixed time when he sends out packages for shipping. It’s not feasible to post every item immediately after it is sold. Ideally, set about 2 to 3 days a week when you post packages but give buyers the correct approximation of the delivery date.

6. Automate Delivery of Digital Products

Digital products can be delivered off eBay, provided you abide by eBay policies on digitally delivered products. Tools like Payloadz can help automate the delivery of such products once a winning bidder finalizes the payment.

7. Leave feedback automatically

EBay allows the use of third party products to make your life simpler, such as those that automatically issue feedback when a transaction completes.

In the end, all the time saved by using automated tools can be used to build other areas of your eBay business and eventually increase your sales and profits.



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