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Pros and Cons of Moving from eBay to Your Own Website

moving away from ebayI always tell people that it is a great idea to have more than one store on the internet to increase the exposure of your products.

You may be thinking that since you have sold a few products on eBay that you may feel more in control if you had your own domain for e-commerce. You can have several websites on the internet and link them from eBay and all the other auction sites that are out there.

You don't have to only depend on eBay and their tools to get traffic to eBay to try to increase your chances for profits. You have options.

I will, however, list the pros and cons of moving your store to your own website. There are advantages to moving to a digital store and not paying extra fees that eBay has.


Increase in profits. The real reason that people use eBay is because they want to get an item for the cheapest amount of money. It's an auction site for a reason.

Traditionally, web stores will be able to raise their prices and not be held down by buyers that are constantly trying to bargain shop.

Customized website. eBay is a nice template to use because they have tried to develop a platform that is the easiest for buyers to buy. On the other hand, there is only so much you can dowith the design of the store.

When you have your own site, you have the chance to make it as unique and user friendly as you want. If your target market are people that are artsy, then it would be nice to have an artsy website.

Perception of your business. Sometimes if you are doing business on the internet, people tend to believe that your business may not be as professional as a company that does have a website.

Sell more than just items. Many businesses out there offer products and services. If you only have a eBay store, and do not have a website to sell services that you provide, perhaps you are missing out on income.

For example, if you are selling photo frames, you could also offer a framing and mounting service, if you have your own website.

Save money. eBay has listing fees and other associated fees to sell your items on their website. When you have your own shopping cart on your own website, those costs are very minimal as compared to selling on eBay.


The access to tools. eBay really has done a commendable job for the service that they provide. They are constantly trying to upgrade their service by adding tools for you to enhance your business.

If you only have a website that sells items, how are you going to go about marketing and list-building? You are going to have to have several accounts with auto-responders,  list builders, marketing plans, etc., so that you maintain  a business.

An e-commerce store is a major commitment. When you start your own website, and essentially an entire new business, you have to think long term.

You might just be selling eBay items as a side project to test the waters just to see if it works.

After you sell a few items you might be thinking that it is easy to sell anything and want to jump right in. All in all there are pleasantries to both, so why not have both.

As far as traffic is concerned, some PowerSellers believe that eBay is much better because it is such a popular website.

This is an important point. People know eBay and will go on there to shop for the items that may be in your store.

But just keep in mind that having either an eBay store or your own website, you are still going to have to do marketing to get relevant traffic and learning how to sell online.

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