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Product Pricing and Traffic Tips for Ebay Sellers and Drop-Shippers

how to price your ebay productNewer ebay sellers using drop shippers often price their items without considering fees incurred during the transaction, which is a big blunder. Avoid making this mistake too by using a simple formula:

To get the Sale price:

Sale price = Preliminary Price + 15%

Preliminary Price = Wholesale price + Shipping Fee + Drop ship Fee + Desired profit

To cover eBay listing fees, final value fees and PayPal fees for receiving payment, it is crucial that you top up your preliminary price with 15%. If you have the time, you can calculate the exact fees related to the sale of your item, and then you can appropriately adjust the 15% to add to your preliminary price.

Once you’ve settled on a sale price the next thing to do is to determine how to split it up. For instance, if you’ve decided that $50 is your total sale price, the listing price could be $35 and $15 for shipping.

Use good judgment to determine how to move ahead. While low priced items are appealing to buyers, shipping costs will harm your sales. Browse similar items on eBay and see how they are being priced by other sellers.

Whilst setting your prices, take some time to enhance your listing title. A great title should clearly and concisely describe what the item is, its present condition and, if space allows, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), particularly for discounted items.

When you’re done setting prices and titles, you can then start to draw traffic to your ebay listings. We’ll now go through some of the ways you can tap into the enormous eBay traffic.

building a customer base onlineThe beauty with eBay is that there are already millions of customers ready to buy so advertizing shouldn’t be a major concern. You only need to fine tune your listings to drive hordes of eBay customers to your listings continuously.

Like we’ve already noted, your title is extremely vital. If there’s little space in the title for essential information, use a subtitle. Items with subtitles have higher chances of selling.

Elaborate your listing with photos as it is extremely important. It elevates the chances of selling an item by 35%.

Make your listing neater by using the listing designer. Professional looking listings attract serious buyers than dull listings.

Have a return policy and clearly state it. Customers are more likely to make a purchase if there’s a return policy.

Give shipping discounts that are collective and state the details clearly in the auction details. Ebay has got tons of cross promotion tools; use them to get as much exposure as possible.

Pull traffic to your listings

Ebay has got tons of cross promotion tools; use them to get as much exposure as possible. Put an additional window just below your listings which scrolls non-stop through your other sale items. You can also customize the settings to fit your style and needs. Check out other ebay seller tools here...

Statistics have shown that listings ending on Wednesday or Sunday evening sale higher as this is when most people are home and likely to take advantage of the ending soon sale.

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